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A Shortcut To Achieve The Perfect Tan


Spray tans are often categorized with cutting your own bangs, popping your pimples or super-sizing your fries with your burger combo—you do it, but you don’t want anyone to know.

Why do spray tans have a bad rap? Here are a few common explanations: the chemicals in the product aren’t good for you, it turns your skin orange, it leaves your skin looking like you’re part snake, the products stink and stain your clothes…did I hit your reason yet?

All of the reasons I listed above stopped me from getting a spray tan until I read about Vita Liberata, which is the first completely non-toxic tanning brand. They use natural, certified-organic and Ecocert ingredients that condition and nourish the skin and ensure that the tan fades perfectly, like a natural suntan.

I got my first spray tan recently with Vita Liberata, and I can promise you that I’m not orange, my skin isn’t reptile-looking, and the spray did not smell or stain my clothes. In fact, after my tan, I felt amazing! You know that feeling you get when you return from an exotic destination, and you can’t wait to show off your new suntan? That’s how I felt. With a natural glow beaming from my skin, I felt a huge confidence boost surge through my body, and it finally hit me why California girls love to sunbathe.

If you’re contemplating trying a self-tanning system or going to a salon to get a spray tan, read these quick tips from Alyson Hogg, Founder and CEO of Vita Liberata. She has answered all of the essential questions about tanning and also offered some tips and tricks so that you can achieve the perfect sun-kissed look every time.

Alyson Hogg Vita Liberata

Is tanning for everyone? Even people with different skin types (sensitive, oily, etc.)?

Alyson Hogg: Absolutely! Even if you don’t want to look like you have a tan all the time, an even finish to the skin and a hydrated glow make us all look a little better—a little healthier and happier. That’s what Vita Liberata is passionate about: healthy, glowing skin! We include lovely botanicals like licorice (an anti-inflammatory), and the gentle organic formulation of our products makes our tans suitable for all skin types (sensitive, oily, break-out prone—you name it). For best results, always apply on clean skin and leave it to develop (that means no showering, working out or moisturizing) for at least four to six hours.

How does Vita Liberata’s self-tanning system compare with other at-home tanning products?

AH: They actually work! Vita Liberata tanning dries upon contact, delivers beautiful colour, has very minimal transfer effects (until your first shower, after which there’s no transfer at all), does not smell at all, and suits all skin types. It’s perfect for any girl on the go as a quick beauty fix or skin finish to any look—perfect for prom! Vita Libereta offers the ‘pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan,’ which lasts four times longer than any other tan in the world and is highly organic, with unique moisture-lock technology that leaves skin hydrated for up to three days! It is organic skincare and tanner in one: instant perfection!

What makes Vita Liberata’s salon spray treatment different from other salon spray tans?

AH: It’s a full-on treatment! Not only do you get a gorgeous tan, but the salon spray also offers full hydration and pushes organic botanical nutrients into the skin. There’s no odour or stickiness after applying (seriously!). It takes about five minutes to execute a tan and eventually, after several days, the tan fades completely naturally, just like a suntan would. No snake skin. Ever. Again.

Is Vita Liberata going to turn my skin orange or reptile looking?

AH: Never! Vita Liberata was originally conceptualized in Ireland; we are experts in turning the most difficult-to-tan skin into lovely, glowing, natural and bronze-looking skin. We have multiple shades, so clients can choose whether they’d like a subtle glow or a full holiday tan—we have an option for everyone! We’re the go-to brand for some of the coolest celebs, like Olly Murs, Sofia Vergara, Rita Ora and Ellie Goulding.


I’d like to be tanned for a special occasion (holiday party, prom, photos, etc.)—when is the best time to get the spray tan?

AH: The day before any big event is typically the best. It allows for the tan to develop, and there can be a shower to wash off the initial bronzer, leaving the skin glowing.

What are some helpful tips for getting a spray tan?

AH: For the most beautiful results, exfoliate your skin, don’t apply any moisturizers, and plan to not sweat or shower four to eight hours after the treatment. Wearing looser, darker clothes is also recommended. The tan initially feels like a light moisturizer on your skin, so you can get dressed and go about your day as you normally would.

What are some helpful tips for at-home tanning treatments?

AH: Always use the tanning mitt! It ensures an even application, protects your palms and is completely reusable. If you’re using a body tanner on your face, moisturize your face first to make sure the tan develops a little more subtly—it’s a more natural look. We always recommend applying a little less of your product on knuckles, knees, elbows and ankles, then wiping those areas with a damp cloth to avoid dark spots (a dead giveaway that your tan is faux!). We have a ton of application videos on our YouTube channel with more tips and tricks.

vita-liberata-deep vita-liberata-phenomal

Are you convinced yet? If it’s your first spray tan, and you want to treat yourself, consider getting it done professionally at the Four Seasons Hotel Spa if you’re in the Toronto area. If you’re more experienced, just want to tan a part of your body or have confidence that you can do it right, after watching YouTube how-to’s, Vita Liberata products are available in Sephora stores and online on the Vita Liberata website. Happy tanning!


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