Adam Lambert Dishes On “The Original High” And Working With Queen

Adam Lambert has come a long way since he came to prominence as the runner-up on the eight season of American Idol. After the season ended and all of the contestants went on tour, Adam released his debut album For Your Entertainment which debut as #3 on the US Billboard 200. Adam’s second studio album, Trespassing, was released in May 2012 and together they made history as the first openly gay artist to achieve the top spot on the Billboard Digital Albums Chart and Canada’s Digital Albums chart.

Known for his amazing cover of Queen’s music on American Idol, Adam landed a deal with the band to replace the iconic Freddy Mercury. Tickets were going like hot cakes before the tour even begun – they even sold out Madison Square Garden in one day!

If Adam wasn’t busy enough with his music, he was also cast to be a part of Glee in 2014 as Elliott “Starchild” Gilbert where he performed an epic cover of Lady Gaga’s “Merry the Night.”

Refocusing on his music, Adam has released his third album, The Original High, which features the single “Ghost Town.” With an insanely catchy hook, deep house beats and bittersweet lyrics this song will be one of your favourites.

Attending his second MMVAs, Adam Lambert shined bright in his sparkly shirt, fitted suit and perfectly groomed hair. Faze caught up with Adam backstage at the MMVAs to chat about touring with Queen, his latest album and being a part of Glee.

What it like to come back to the MMVAs with your new album?

 It’s exciting! Earlier I was walking in the red carpet and I remember performing “What Do You Want From Me” live outside at that intersection. It’s really good to be back and I’m really excited about this album. I’m actually working with the same team that put together “What Do You Want From Me” and “If I had You.” It’s a new sound for me; it’s a bit more contemporary than everything I’ve ever done. One of the things that I really love is that we were able to keep my vocals the centre of everything and challenge me to find different places, colours and textures in my voice. I felt like I grew while working on this album.

When you were asked to take over a legendary role in Queen, replacing Freddy Mercury, what thoughts were1297715195379_ORIGINAL going through your head?

The first reaction is that I was really excited because I knew that it would be really fun to get on stage and sing these songs. Then I started thinking about it a little bit and started to get a little nervous because I thought “oh, right. Freddy Mercury, he’s like a rock god.” And I knew that there would be hard-core fans that were going to be very sensitive about this and so I think that forced me to approach the whole situation with a certain level of reverence. I wanted to make sure that we had a certain amount of balance of paying respect to the original recordings and making sure that I was putting myself into the music–not just copying Freddy. I figured that it would be a little sacrilegious to just treat it as an impression. So finding that balancing between the old and new was a little bit tricky but we figured it out and I feel like we nailed it.

Why is important to be on a show like Glee that embraces differences?

When they offered to have me play Elliott on Glee I immediately jumped at it because it’s a show that echoes a lot of the same ideas that I echo in my philosophies and my music. It’s a great show – I love the principals that they push forward. I liked the character because he was kind of like me. The very first day I was terrified because I didn’t audition so what if I get up on set and I suck? Luckily everything worked out.

How does it feel that there are a lot of young people who are coming up in the industry and looking at your story the same way you looked at Queen while growing up?

I take everything one day at a time. I try, in many different ways, to keep things humble and real. I keep the same people around me that has always been around. I try not to think about it like that. I treat it like this is my hobby and my job and I treat it like I’m going to work. I love my job.

Check out Adam Lambert’s latest single “Ghost Town” below.

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