Tips For Adding Value To The Modern Home

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If you’re planning on selling your property sometime in the future, you’ll probably want to make as good a profit as you possibly can. In this article, we examine a few techniques that you can use to increase the value of your home and reveal its true worth.

Curb Appeal

The exterior of your home is one of its main selling points. We call this curb appeal. It’s similar to making a good first impression at a job interview. Before you put your property up for sale, it’s a great idea to make sure your garden or yard is in the best possible condition. Mow the lawn, rake away any dead leaves and debris, pull up weeds, trim overgrown shrubs and generally make the place look like new. You should also consider giving the facade a lick of paint. Update your front door and tweak all of your property’s external features to make everything look as appealing as possible.

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Modern home designers are focusing more and more on accessibility. Whether it’s for individuals with limited mobility or families with small children or elderly cohabitants, comfort and ease of use is a vital consideration for every room. Think about the width of doors and passageways and think about replacing steps with ramps. Shower-over-bath setups are vastly preferred by young families, and access between floors should be carefully reviewed. Stairlifts are great, but you should also consider the benefits of Canadian in home elevators to make moving upstairs or downstairs even easier.


It’s important to tidy, refresh and declutter every space in your home before potential buyers start dropping by. However, you shouldn’t just think about the condition and decor of each of the rooms – you also need to consider the way in which they are being sold. If you have an office space, why not rebrand it as another bedroom?  Are there any exciting features such as walk-in closets or smart storage solutions? Be sure that you mention these things when putting your house up for sale. They’ll look great in the brochure.

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Individuals seeking the perfect new home will always take a look at the current state of your property’s security. To set minds at ease, why not invest in smart cameras, doorbells and locks? These gadgets allow remote access, so you can use your smartphone to check who’s at your door and have a conversation with them, or unlock your door from any location to let early visitors in. An example of these would be the Nest doorbell or the Vivint doorbell cameras. You can also set up motion-activated security cameras to send a notification to your device whenever they are triggered – and you’ll be able to remotely access a live stream at any time to check out what’s going on.


If the place where you live experiences extreme highs or lows of temperature throughout the year, investing in the best possible insulation can make your property really appealing to buyers. As well as making this upgrade, you should also think about using a remotely accessible thermostat. This will allow you to set your home to your perfect temperature before you even walk through the door, meaning you won’t be wasting energy while you’re out – but you’ll be super cozy when you arrive home.

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