YouTube Sensation Adelaine Morin Is Taking Over

We all dream of having drawers full of makeup and the talent to perfect winged eyeliner. YouTube sensation Adelaine Morin had dreams like that too and she got her start by begin an observer; “I loved, and used to watch, Juicystar07, Macbarbie07 and everyone like that. I wanted to be like them.”

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Despite having a million subscribers, Adelaine is still a down-to-earth, fun-loving, normal teenager who experiences everyday struggles like when your barista gets your order wrong. Nonetheless, her everyday life hasn’t changed. “It’s not like I’m really popular, it’s like people know about my YouTube and they kind of make fun of it,” she explains. “In high school, people are just immature and you just have to ignore everything.” Very true Adelaine!

She’s grown a lot as a person through her experiences with the NYX Face Awards to touring with DigiFest, her favorite moment so far has been making YouTube friends. She explains, “It’s really cool meeting someone you’ve seen online in real life, then your friends with them, and they’re cool, that’s my favorite making YouTube friends.” Apart from the typical video ideas, hers are quite unique and hilarious! Uusually I take inspiration off of something and then take inspiration from something else, then I put them together,” she says. “I took inspiration from a quote video and then I took inspiration from a morning routine video and I put them together, that’s kind of how I make videos.”

Most important to Adelaine is her support for online friends and the connection she makes with her fans.”I kind of feel like they’re my friend and I kind of feel like I know them. Because I feel like we can relate because us girls, we’re all going through a tough time and like it makes me happy to see them.”IMG_8831

Holly and I snapping a quick picture with Adelaine at DigiTour 2015 in Toronto.

And Then Some…

Top three makeup products: NYC liquid eyeliner, Telescopic mascara and Anastasia eyebrow gel.

Advice for upcoming YouTubers: Most people are like “be yourself”, but you’re a teenager-you’re finding yourself so how are you supposed to be yourself? So, I’d say post very often, like it doesn’t matter how good or bad your videos are just post very, very, very often. And try and find a style. So in my videos I have an intro that’s mine and an outro that’s mine and I say “have beautiful, magical wonderful day” so stuff like that. Have your own style.

Favorite personal video: I did a morning routine video, but instead of a regular morning routine where it’s like “I wake up from bed. I brush my teeth” I put a bunch of quotes together and made that my morning routine instead. I think that was a pretty good video.

Check out more from our interview with Adelaine Morin during Toronto’s DigiFest:


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