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6 Advantages Of Mesh Corsets Vs Cotton Corsets


Corsetry is very complex, and many factors affect the weaving, fabric choice, and shape of the perfect corset for you. Choosing the right fabric makes wearing a corset a much more comfortable and attractive experience.

While satin and leather corsets are worn by many people, mesh and cotton fabric corsets are the most popular choices in corsetry. The advantages of both of these fabrics can be confusing when buying a corset, so let’s simplify the advantages of mesh corsets vs cotton corsets through this article.

What are the significant differences between mesh corsets and cotton corsets?

Apart from the obvious distinction that they are completely different kinds of fabrics, their functions, when woven into a corset or girdle, also differ greatly. High-quality cotton is usually a bit stiffer than other fabrics, it doesn’t stretch much on its own and is well-suited for an undergarment since it soaks up perspiration very easily.

Mesh corset fabrics, on other hand, are very bendy and breathable. They are easier to work around if you want to make your own corsets. There are many options available in mesh fabrics, based on your needs and body type as well.

But before we dig deep into this comparison, let’s first take a look at how to figure out the best fabric for your corset.


How to choose the best fabric for your corset?

A corset is supposed to be hugging your body perfectly to be effective. This means that you need to choose your corset size and fabric with a lot of precision. The fabric decides how well your body can move while you’re wearing a corset.

Here are a few tips to help you decide what fabric to use for a corset:

1. Buy fabrics based on when or where you’ll be wearing them. The fabric needs to be breathable or anti-perspiration if you’re wearing the corset in warm weather or during daily activities. For colder weather, it is better to stick to a thick and warmer corset fabric.

2. If you’re using the corset for waist training, and have a heavier body type it is better to choose a fabric that isn’t too uncomfortable or mobile. A fabric with the perfect balance of flexibility and rigidity would be better.

3. If you just want to look pretty and get a snatched waist look, something lighter and breathable is better. Mesh corset bustiers are usually the best if you’re not wearing the corset as an undergarment.

4. If you’re looking for a variety of prints and patterns, or if you just want a simple or solid shade also matters when choosing fabrics. Classic fabrics like organic cotton corsets or leather don’t usually have a variety of colors and prints and are primarily worn as undergarments rather than clothing accessories.

Comparing the advantages of mesh corsets vs cotton corsets

Now let’s take a glance at the advantages of mesh corsets and cotton corsets, it will help you figure out which of them will suit your corsetry needs in the best way.

1. Breathability: When comparing the breathability of these fabrics, cotton is a stiffer fabric than mesh. Mesh is quite lightweight and easier to carry than cotton. Cotton is a heavier fabric but it goes well with warm weather as it soaks up sweat and is comfortable to wear for long hours.

2. Flexibility: Cotton is a lot less flexible than mesh fabric, mesh can be easily blended with spandex. When you’re creating DIY mesh corsets, there are more flexible options to work with, than in cotton.

3. Ambiance: Cotton, while a classic fabric and much more comfortable than any other fabric, isn’t as pretty when woven into corsets. Mesh corsets give a sexier and prettier look than cotton fabrics.

4. Durability: When it comes to durability, cotton is much better than mesh. Being a lightweight and thin fabric, the mesh is much more easily worn out than cotton. Cotton corsets are woven with a stronger fabric than mesh corsets.

5. Fabric pricing: Mesh corsets vs cotton corsets have similar costs, but as cotton has lesser embellishment and variety it is a more economical choice than mesh corsets. Mesh corsets are available in many different kinds, so the prices fluctuate based on how much spandex or polyester fabric is blended in.

6. Variety: When you’re comparing mesh corsets vs cotton corsets for waist training, cotton corsets are the classic, and have limited iterations when it comes to trends and variety. Mesh corsets, on the other hand, offer a lot more options in terms of styles, fabric blends, etc.


When choosing the perfect fabric for your corset, there are many things to consider like – when and where you’ll wear it, how you’ll wear it, etc. Mesh or cotton is one of the most popular choices when creating corsets. But the above comparison of mesh vs cotton corsets will help you decide between the two fabrics and what fits your needs in the best way.

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