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The Advantages Of Virtual Therapy Versus In-Person Counseling

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The world has gone from in-person therapy, education, and community support meetings to virtual interactions. This was brought about by the global pandemic that was and still is a menace to most countries. Even as the threat dies down people are still hesitant to going back to their usual in-person routine. This has resulted in a mix of what is suitable for different individuals.

To get an understanding of the advantages of using virtual therapy over person counseling you need to get to understand how in-person counseling has been used from time immemorial. Some of the great features that came with in-person therapy might include:

Building Fellowship

When seated physically within a group session some random things might happen that might act as a bonding factor for the group. Bouncing back and forth ideas and experiences bring about a sense of camaraderie. You get to notice more details about the individuals such as their breathing patterns or even a twinkle in their eyes.

Fewer Distractions

During in-person counseling sessions, there are usually little to no distractions. The sessions are tailored to ensure that the room is not cluttered with elements that might break the focus or communication between the two parties.

No Limit To Effective Care

Some individuals that might be suffering from mental health issues might need an in-depth session with the therapist. So in-person counseling plays a great role in making sure they get the care that they require.

Having gotten a clear picture of how in-person counseling has played its part in helping individuals. Briefly, virtual therapy can be defined as using the internet via video, phone, live chat, or email to offer professional help to a patient. The internet is an upgrade from the use of landlines and cellphones for remote therapy sessions.

The advantages might be too many to list them all down but here are some of the most important ones.


Virtual therapy is a fraction of the cost of traditional therapy if paying out of pocket. This is usually a great option for those who don’t have insurance or don’t want to use up their insurance for a session. Apart from that. The logistics of getting to a session are slashed down immensely. There is no use of transportation to and from the session nor is there any need to budget for meals before, during, or after the session.


With the use of a virtual setup, you can freely get in touch with your therapist at any time or anywhere. The virtual component of the session makes it easy, quick, and reliable for anybody. As opposed to the traditional form of therapy, video chats work in real-time and occur at a distance rather than with the client and the therapist in the same room. With online therapy, you can engage in the session from the privacy, comfort, and convenience of wherever you are as long as you are connected to the internet.

Reduce Stigma

Online therapy sessions can offer room for anonymity. If you are quite conscious about your health condition and want to be completely private about it then online therapy sessions can fit you perfectly. Walking into a facility by some clients might make them feel the session isn’t as private and confidential as they would like it to be. Clients might end up choosing online therapy as they feel the distance makes the session less intimidating.

Easy Access

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If you are an individual that lacks the time and the means to physically show up to a session then virtual counseling offers you an opportunity that can cater to your needs. You can engage in therapy with the same therapist even if your job or lifestyle requires you to move around a lot. In addition to that, when working or living in a foreign country, it’s easy to still get access to therapists online that speak the language that you are accustomed to.

Availability of Transcripts

Live chat and email therapy provide a complete transcript of every session, which can be reviewed at any given time by both the therapist and the client. This helps in tracking one’s journey to recovery efficiently.

Yes, it’s quite evident that the virtual form of therapy is growing and has quite several pros but it’s best to note that when it’s paired with occasional in-person counseling, the results are outstanding. Online therapy broadens the number of people that can access the service while in-person sessions help in building a sense of belonging within a group. None of them can substitute the other.

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