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Hit the Town: 10 Adventurous Date Ideas

Yay! He finally got the courage to ask you out, or vice-versa (yes, you can ask him out as well!), but now the problem is choosing a fun, impressionable date that will leave you on his mind. Typical lunch and Starbucks dates can get boring and repetitive. Movies and aimlessly walking around malls wont woo you or the date. Whether you’re going out with your girls, your family or your guy, let’s keep things exhilarating with non-stop fun. Good outings spike conversations leaving no one feeling awkward or out of place. With lasting memories and inside jokes, these activities will make for some good times.

Here are 10 adventurous date ideas that guarantee you’ll have a blast:

1. Trampolining

Bouncing around is not only tons of fun but also great exercise. This inexpensive date also includes basketball, a foam-pit and a dodge ball court. Team up or go against each other to show your competitive side; but watch where you throw the balls!

2. Go-Karting


Indoor or outdoor, feel the wind in your hair while looking cute and competitive.

3. Music Festivals

Summer is the time for music festivals-so grab a Coachella inspired outfit, take advantage of this and go with a group of friends or your boy. “Eat. Sleep. Rave. Repeat.” Right?!

4. Amusement Parks


Ah yes, amusement parks..Typical fun summer date, never gets old! Conquer your fear of heights and hold his hand on the roller coaster, or just stick to the water slides, oh yeah and the lazy river sounds delightful too. Whatever you choose to do at the park, you are sure to be amused at all times-its in the name! Then enjoy some funnel cake and call it a day.

adventurous date ideas: waterpark

5. Batting Cages

Batting Cage Love Date

Grab a cute baseball tee and then batter up! Show him how its done or playfully get him to help you- a great excuse to have his arms around you!

6. Arcades

Adventurous Date Ideas - An Arcade Night

Ding ding ding we have a winner! Win some games and take home that stuffed animal that’s as big as you.

7. Whirly Ball


A mix of basketball, lacrosse and bumper cars. You and your date will be sure to score.

8. Bowling

A classic bowling date can be flirty and fun. You make a bowling date into whatever you want it to be.

9. Concerts

Image result for concert

During the summer, an outdoor concert is lively and has good vibes. Jam out, sing, dance and put those hands up! It is even possible to go to concert-like comedy shows at places like Comedy Carnival, perfect for a date when on holiday.”

10. Sporting Events


Rep your fave team by wearing a cute jersey and some face paint.

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