AFI Return With New Album


After selling over a million records with their major label debut, 2003’s Sing the Sorrow, AFI returns after two years of crafting their seventh album to date, Decemberunderground..

Known for their constant artistic progression from one album to the next, AFI—Davey Havok (vocals), Jade Puget (guitar), Hunter (bass), and Adam Carson (drums)—has been fortunate to maintain a fan base that has stuck with the band since their punk rock beginnings. “Luckily, they came along with us on every kind of left turn we’ve taken, and I think they’ve accepted that and look forward to it now,” believes Puget. “I think they would be disappointed and we would certainly be disappointed if we didn’t [change with] every record.”

To show their appreciation, AFI treats their fan club, “The Despair Faction”, to special events. “We take a lot of time to think up things that bring us and our fans closer together,” confirms Puget. “For Sing the Sorrow, [at] every single show, we brought all of the fan club members in to hang out and listen to our sound check.”

The band: AFI (A Fire Inside), a California-based rock act that refuses to be placed within a single genre of music.

Right now: The band takes to the road this summer for their latest album, Decemberunderground.

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