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AIDS in Africa: Here Are Some Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts on AIDS in Africa (updated for 2017)

AIDS in Africa Notes Famine


In 1960 – 285,000,000
In 1980 – 477,000,000
In 2000 – 814,000,000
In 2017 – 1,239,000.000 and growing annually at 2.5%, more than double any other continent


Africa is the world’s second largest continent in both population and size. Africa is 30,400,000 square kilometers.


About 45 per cent of Africans are Muslims. Another 40 per cent are Christians. The other 15 per cent follow other, mostly indigenous African religions, or are non-religious.


Variety: Africa has hot, dry desert and tropical wet and dry regions.


Only 49.6 per cent of Africans can read. but trend is upward thanks to improved education

Number of countries in Africa:

There are 54 countries and 2 disputed regions; only 20 are considered safe to travel through as tourists.

Largest countries in Africa

  1. Nigeria – 189+ million
  2. Ethiopia – 185 million
  3. Egypt – 93 million
  4. Congo – 66 million

Largest cities in Africa:

  1. Lagos, Nigeria – 21 million (recently jumped to the top)
  2. Cairo, Egypt – 20 million
  3. Kinshasa, Zaire – 13 million
  4. Luanda, Angola – 6.5 million

Language groups:

Of over 2,000 languages Arabic (17%), Swahili (10%), French (10%), Berber (5%), Hausa, Yoruba, Oromo, Fulani, Amharic, Igbo and Malagasy are the largest by number of speakers.

What do farmers grow and sell in Africa?

Bananas, beans, cashews, citrus, fruits, cocoa, coffee, cotton, dates, olives, palm nuts and oil, peanuts, rice, sugarcane, sweet potatoes, yams.

What is the biggest killer in Africa?

AIDS is the biggest killer. (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome)

How many people in Africa have AIDS?

About 25 million people in sub-Saharan Africa have HIV/AIDS, including 3.2 million children. That’s about 71 per cent of the world’s HIV/AIDS infected population. Every year, about 1,300,000 people die due to AIDS. It is however, not particularly common in the northern part of Africa.

How is AIDS transmitted?

Sexual activities, needle sharing, mother to child and blood transfusions. There is only one known case where AIDS was contracted by saliva.

Is there a cure for AIDS?

There is currently no cure for AIDS.

What does AIDS do to your body?

AIDS attacks the immune system, making the body vulnerable to infection

How many people in Canada are living with AIDS?

There are about 75,000 people living with AIDS in Canada.

If parents are dying from AIDS then….?

It’s estimated that there are 33 million orphans in sub-Saharan Africa, and at least a third of those have lost their parents due to the spread of AIDS in Africa.


Compiled by Lacey Dionne, Faze intern
Lacey Dionne

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