Alee Releases Empowering Sophmore Album “Say Hello To Goodbye”

Recently celebrating her 23rd birthday and the release of her sophomore album, Say Hello to Goodbye, Alee has come a long way from her humble beginnings. “I was about 13 when I picked up the guitar and that’s when I started to write music. I wasn’t big into country music at that point, it was just me writing my feeling and thoughts down,” Alee says. “There was a lot of content revolving around country music (in Edmonton) during the fall seasons and I would listen to more country music. As soon as I started doing that, I realized that everything that I had been writing up until that point was, in fact, country.”


Sticking to her country roots, Alee released her debut album The Roads Go Everywhere in 2013, and also picked up the ACMA award for Female Artist of the Year that same year. With the release of her latest album, however, you’ll notice that Alee’s sound has changed because she’s mixed some of the old with a little bit new.  “I call it country pop rock–it is a little mix of everything. You’ll see the evolution, for sure, in my music. There are a lot more genres and styles definitely thrown into this album,” explains Alee. “There was lots of inspiration from rock to country artists like Keith Urban, and there’s even some George Strait sounding stuff on there too. There’s some Ariana Grande influences and a couple of different things just because I listen to so many different genres.”

What we love the most about Say Hello to Goodbye is that there is a strong empowering theme. “When we had to choose songs for the album, we ended up just having that empowering theme to it. They’re just really fun songs and I’m really excited to see what the fans think,” Alee says.


Her first single off the album called “Only the Strong Survive”  is really close to Alee’s heart because she wrote it during a difficult time of her life but continued to push through her challenges and conquer them by expressing her feelings in a heartfelt song. “I went into this session one day, really stressed out and there was so much going on in my life. I was just an emotional wreck to say the least. I had this idea and started to write a song about being strong and there were so many tears shed in that session,” Alee expresses. “There’s something so cool about see fans tweeting lyrics and posting how the song has meant so much to them. I’ve received so many just personal letters from people who needed a song like that in their lives and it’s something so special what music does for others what it does for you too.” If you’re ever feeling down, take a listen to this single because the empowering messaging is truly powerful.

Currently on tour promoting her latest album, Alee is one step closer to her ultimate career goal; “ I want to make music and have it shared across the world but the biggest thing for me would be coming back to play my hometown stadium. That would be the coolest thing: coming back to your hometown and knowing that you’ve done something special and important enough to have that many people supporting what you’re doing.”

Check out the first single off Say Hello To Goodbye called “Only the Strong Survive”:

And Then Some…

Did you know that Alee’s full name is Alexandra Adamoski? “My parents actually hated the nickname Alee to the extent that friends would call the house asking for Alee, my dad would hang up the phone and say “there’s no Alee here”. Now they are fully accepting it and  they’ve actually started to call me Alee. which is really weird when your parents start calling you by your nickname,” Alee shares. Persistence pays off!


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