Alex Angelo: Dancer, DJ, Singer And So Much More

I think it’s pretty safe to say that what you wanted to be at the age of seven has since then changed. I really wanted to be a veterinarian because I loved dogs–but I changed my mind when I found out that I would see sick animals and might have to put a few of them down. No thank you.

Alex Angelo wanted to be a professional skateboarder but that all changed the day his family had to move.  “I got a half pipe for my birthday, and it was amazing and I loved it, but then we moved and I had to sell it,” Alex shares with Faze. “I used that money to buy DJ equipment, so I think it was meant to be.”


Going with the flow, Alex posted a video of him DJing and sent to the Cleveland Cavaliers–the program that taught him everything about dancing from the ground up. They absolutely loved it and started him off with a few gigs within the program. “After that I was doing different radio shows and private events and it was kind of just building up. Eventually the bigger radio shows and tours starting to come around,” Alex says.

Now at the age of 14, Alex can proudly say that he’s toured with artists like Austin Mahone and Jake Miller, and was the official DJ for the Radio Disney Music Awards. But with a very humble attitude, Alex recognizes that his success stemmed from hard work; “Those gigs were amazing but there was a lot before that. It took a lot of grind. I wasn’t just booking Austin Mahone tours out of nowhere. It took time to build that up, to gain a little bit of buzz and a fan base.”


With a pop-EDM driven sound, I guarantee that his latest single “Move Like This” will get stuck in your head, and you might even compare this single to the likes of Chris Brown. “I was on tour with Jake Miller and he said that him and all of his crew thought that my song was a Chris Brown song. They kept humming it, and didn’t know it was me, until they went to my sound check andit hit them,” Alex shares. “Chris is such a big inspiration of mine, I’ve danced with him and worked with a lot of his people, so to be able to be compared to him is pretty amazing. Whenever I hear that stuff, it really goes to heart with me.”


Currently on the Sweet Dreams tour with Megan Nicole and Sammy Sanchez, you can see Alex do his thing on stage and constantly wow the crowd as a DJ, singer and dancer. “There aren’t a lot of DJs that dance, more than that though, there’s also not a lot of DJs who dance and sing.  I kind of created this own lane for me. I like being that unique performer,” Alex explains. “So expect a lot of energy but also expect the unexpected. The music is a big part of it – I play my own music but I also mix songs. So to be able to play some songs that people know really well, and surprise them with that, is something else my performance will bring to the table.”

With a lot of surprises up his sleeve, we can’t wait to see what Alex Angelo will be up to next! But for now, be sure to catch him live as he tours with Megan Nicole and Jake Miller to see him mix some songs, bust a move and sing his heart out.


Check out the music video for his latest single “Turn Me Up” below:

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