Alexi Couto: Following Her Dream Of Becoming An Artist

Meeting Alexi Couto was all that I had expected: sweet, enlightening and inspiring at the least.

From hello to goodbye, Alexi’s genuine personality shone, and as she put her work into detail, it was no surprise to me that this was no act; she is one of the good ones.

Alexi connected with me over the pursuit of following the dream of being an artist, and with the musical gift of singing, songwriting and piano, it’s no doubt that Alexi has and will find immense success. This is clear with her debut on Disney’s Family Channel where she performed her song “Paradise.” A moving piece expressing the love for another and illustrating a true artist’s power to combine passion and experience and give others the opportunity to feel it. “Paradise” exemplified Alexi’s love for pop, piano and the overall incorporation of pure emotion that she puts into her work—all of which corresponds to her idol and musical inspiration, Celine Dion.

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Overlapping with her love for music and passion for the anti-bullying cause, Alexi reminds me of the Portuguese/Filipino Demi Lovato mix, who I’m sure would gladly collaborate in the near future.

Besides the great musical gift, Alexi reminds me of Demi because of her activism in spreading awareness and support for others regarding anti-bullying. Taking part in a Dufferin Peel Catholic School Board Tour called “Conquer the Fear,” Alexi performs and speaks about her experiences as the tour’s headliner to various groups of students. A nerve-racking experience for some, but a moment of victory for Alexi, as she received support and thanks from students who found her words comforting and relatable. As Alexi put it, “At first I was scared to be judged by the students, but after I sang and we did the meet and greet, I had so many people coming up to me saying that I’m so real and relatable,” all of which Alexi considered a wow moment that changed her outlook on the tour experience.

Alexi’s fight for anti-bullying stems from personal trials and the hope for security for those who are being put down by negative words and actions. Alexi’s story of people doubting her capabilities to become a successful artist and her choice not to attend post-secondary school immediately following high school didn’t hold her back for long, though it did push Alexi to express positivity as much as she can. Alexi outlines her experience, “Strung between me following my passion and dream, and people doubting me because it wasn’t the ‘practical’ path,” all of which I’m sure many of us have heard once in our lives and that is why Alexi is taking a stand and fighting the doubts. With an extremely active Twitter account, Alexi strives to put good vibes on her followers’ feeds and assure them that they can go to her to vent about any problems (something that many of us need); “I want to be known for more than just singing,” and at this rate Alexi combines talent with activism as a star on the rise.

Though there are moments of Alexi missing the routine of school and feeling misplaced when her friends are experiencing different points in their lives, Alexi assures me that though this path may be difficult, it’s hers. And thankfully, with a wonderful family supporting her work and effort, and a team to help her reach her full potential, Alexi keeps moving up. “If this is what you really want to do and you believe in yourself, we believe in you.” Words of supportive parents and Alexi’s biggest fans. Alexi surrounds herself with loving people, and the encouragement they provide shows in her work.


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