All-In-One Communications With New Multi-tasking Cell Phones

Girls on new cellphones

Wireless communications have come a long way since the mid-1990s, especially when you consider that cell phones aren’t really just phones anymore. First came the games, then Internet access, then the downloadable ringtones, and now you’ve got attachable digital cameras.

But text messaging is where most of the action is for cell phone users, and where the dollars are for telecommunications companies. It’s estimated that text messaging has risen almost 300 per cent and made about $3 million per month for the top four telecommunications companies (Bell Mobility, Microcell Solutions Fido, Telus and Rogers AT&T) since April 2002, when North America’s first inter-carrier text messaging network was launched by a wireless carrier.

TV and radio stations have jumped onboard and utilized the technology by setting up contests, voting and other interactive options for people to participate. Businesses are using the technology as a low-cost way to advertise their goods or services, and consumers use it for just about everything else.

Motorola V300

The new Motorola thrills the senses with stunning visuals, amazing sound and a unique feel, from the soft touch finish to colour display. You can catch the action with an integrated camera and enjoy photo messaging.

new cellphones - Motorola

Audiovox CDM-8600

Solo by Bell offers this eye-catching, ultra-compact flip phone to help you get in touch with your wireless side. Featuring voice-activated dialing, two-way messaging, vibrating alert, plus full-colour displays for screensavers, high-speed web browsing, a built-in speakerphone and much more. The affordable price matches its diminutive size.

new cell phones - Audiovox

Nokia 3300 Music Phone

This exciting Nokia multi-use device has a full QWERTY keypad for two-handed text messaging. It also is a capable mobile music player for MP3 and AAC files. Throw in a stereo FM radio, digital audio recording, use of MP3s as ring tones, enhanced two-handed gaming features and it’s easy to forget it’s also a phone.

new cell phones - Nokia 3300

Kyocera Slider

A phone that lives up to its name. The face of the Slider slides up to make a call and back down when you’re done. Featuring a hi-res colour display, two way messaging, voice-activated dialing, web browsing, downloadable games and ring tones. The Slider also doubles as a scheduler, calculator and alarm clock.

new cellphones - Kyocera

Nokia 6800

Here’s another phone designed to enhance text messaging with a unique 2-in-1 design. Switch between regular cell phone format and an integrated full keyboard. Features multimedia messaging, a stereo FM radio, downloadable media including personal Java™ apps. Also sports an alarm clock, calculator and a hands-free speaker.

new cell phones - Nokia 6800


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