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Alli Simpson Shares Her Spring Beauty And Fashion Must-Haves

This Australian native graced the Faze Back-To-School cover in 2013 and since then has been keeping busy with new music, videos and inspiration.

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Most recently, Alli had her sweet 16th birthday and celebrated with family and friends. “It’s almost like a birthday week for me because Australia’s time is a day ahead so my friends from Australia say Happy Birthday to me one day and then my friends from America say Happy Birthday to me the next day,” Alli shares. “Radio Disney also made me a huge cake after the Radio Disney Music Awards show and we celebrated then, too.”

Since Faze last caught up with Alli, she released two singles, “Notice Me” and “Why I’m Single,” and is in the works of releasing her third. “It’s called ‘Guilty’ and it’s coming out with a music video in about two weeks,” she says. “I love shooting music videos. They’re probably my favourite part of the whole thing. I feel like it makes my music come alive.”

As a role model for teens, Alli is also a model, writer and host for Radio Disney where she has interviewed celebrities like Justin Bieber and One Direction (just to name a few). “Interviewing them was crazy. When I interviewed Justin Bieber it was one of my firsts. I was nervous, but he’s a great guy,” she says.

alli simpson

But who’s on the top of her list to interview next? “I’d say Cameron Diaz or Selena Gomez. I feel like that interview would be interesting,” she says.

Adding to her resume, Alli is also a brand ambassador for imPRESS Press-On Manicure and KISS lashes by Broadway Nails. After checking out the new lines, weasked Alli for some beauty advice.

Which nails would you wear on a first date?
I’d go with the “Night Fever” because they’re not too crazy, but they have a bit of glitter which is nice.

Which nails would you wear with a day out with your girls?
I like the “Wink Wink” nails because they’re a bit of crazy, but they’re my friends!

Which nails would you wear to a red carpet premiere?
The “Glitz & Glamour” because my favourite colour is blue and they’re almost like “Night Fever” with a bit of glitter.

We also had to get spring tips from Alli—she’s such a fashionista!

What is your fave colour this season?
This season I’m going with more white. I like the clean look and I think it goes well with my blonde hair.

What is your must-have spring accessory?
I’m into hats. If you take a look at my Instagram I usually have a cool hat on like a beanie, or the long felt hats.

What is your go-to spring outfit?
If I’m not sure what to wear I usually put on jeans, a shirt and then a pair of wedges. Then by adding some cool accessories like necklaces and bracelets, it makes it look like you tried without having to try too much.

Want more beauty and fashion advice from Alli Simpson? Check out her how-to Youtube video for getting a natural makeup look.

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