Almost Famous: My Four Months In Hollywood (Or, Life After Faze)

Hilary Rowland appeared on the front cover of our premiere issue of Faze.

Not because of her beauty but because at 19 years old she was an award winning web designer and the national YTV Achievement Award winner for Excellence in Business. Since then we have received a bunch of e-mails asking us what she’s been up to.


Well we tracked her down and, whew, she’s been busy…

Hilary Rowland

Hey Faze,

Thanks for asking. A lot has happened since I appeared on your front cover…

I ended up living in New York City briefly, and then later, in Beverly Hills for four months! Wherever I was, I made sure to bring my laptop to keep up-to-date with my Web development work.

New York was everything I had heard and expected it to be, from brownstone townhouses to modern skyscrapers. The buildings are tall and elegant, and the atmosphere has a certain buzz – you just know that important things are happening all around you.

I attended many movie premiers, awards ceremonies and events. I went to see Saturday Night Live and watch as that week’s host, Calista Flockheart, and the rest of the SNL actors performed their skits from about six feet away. I almost fainted when Ricky Martin, after performing “She Bangs”, brushed by me and gave me a smile.

Hilary RowlandIn Beverly Hills, I attended a classic old-Hollywood dinner party. I found myself sitting next to Aaron Spelling at a long table adorned with exquisite bouquets of flowers as a succession of waiters came out from a back room to serve us anything we were hungry for, from the finest caviar to creamed spinach and steak.

Before we sat down, Aaron had mentioned that I should be in his shows and that he thought I would be successful as an actor. He also said to call him if I ever decided to pursue it – and that’s exactly what I did!

After living in Beverly Hills for nearly four months and in Manhattan for another four, I decided it was time to head back to my condo in Toronto.

Since returning home, I’ve been featured in The National Post Newspaper, shot a profile interview segment for Fashion TV, been interviewed for DHC Health & Beauty magazine, appeared on The Lofters, completed a photoshoot for the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer campaign and been profiled by the Canadian Government as an Entrepreneur Success Story.

Oh yes! I spoke with the casting director at Spelling Productions who assures me that I have a guaranteed spot in a Spelling show and a guest role in Charmed. I am taking daily acting lessons, have a lawyer working on my green card, and I plan on renting an apartment in LA in the next couple of months to continue acting – but I’ll be back and forth between Toronto and LA on a regular basis.

Although this is another interesting direction my life has taken, of course, my company is still a priority. Several hours a day I will be working on making sure my sites are updated and everything runs smoothly with all of my clients.

Well, it’s been a whirlwind year but through it all I’ve really come to realize that although it’s okay to take a breather now and then, you should never let yourself get off track and lose sight of who you are.

Keep plugging away at achieving your goals and eventually you’ll get there.

Some pics of Hilary Rowland enjoying life in Hollywood

Hollywood Paparazzi
Hollywood paparazzi. Parasitic pests or promotional perfection for stars?

Hilary Rowland Lauren Holly
Hilary Rowland with actress Lauren Holly

Hollywood SAG Awards Hillary Rowland
Hilary Rowland at the Screen Actors Guild Awards ceremony.

Hilary Rowland Kim Cattrall
Hilary Rowland with Canadian Sex In The City star Kim Cattrall

Written by Hilary Rowland

At 15, Hilary Rowland started – the first ever online portfolio database for models and actors. This site now boasts over 3.5 million hits per month. A year later was created. This site profiles successful models and advice on how to get into modelling.

Soon after she developed, an online magazine for which she wrote many of the articles. Her Web development company,, was the next logical extension and has also become successful, with clients ranging from the Ontario Government to Jackie Collins, whose site we will be starting shortly. Hilary is now 22 and feels she hasn’t even scraped the surface of what she will accomplish!


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