Alternative Botanicals: Kratom For Glowing Skin

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Can you use kratom topically for skin care?

With the burgeoning of products infused with coffee and green tea and whatnot, it was only a matter of time before the cannabis industry also made its foray into the beauty, wellness, and skincare industry. We’re seeing more and more products modeled after the whole ‘CBD-infused’ labeling such as bath bombs, lotions, etc.

One more addition to that is KRATOM. And like most CBD and cannabis beauty products, kratom beauty products work in a slightly different manner when it comes to the topical application since you’re not ingesting it.

We all know that the biggest organ is the skin. It acts as a protective shield. Our bodies would fail to function properly if it wasn’t for the pores on our skin that allow for the purification process which happens through the sweat.

It’s due to the porous nature of the skin that most topical products that have been infused with herbs like kratom and CBD can do their job. You can think of this working mechanism similar to that of a nicotine patch. These patches work subdermally too.

When you use kratom creams and lotions, the alkaloids enter the bloodstream directly via the topical/subdermal application.

The science of kratom skincare products

Truth be told, there is not a whole lot of anecdotal evidence upon which to base the judgment about the effectiveness of kratom products. There is also not a lot of science to support the effectiveness of kratom products. At least not yet.

But, we do know that kratom does interact in an interesting way when consumed and has a certain range of effects on the body. Traditionally, people would either ingest it as a powder or brew it as tea. There’s also the capsules and the extracts. Alkaloids, which are present in kratom leaves, and wherein lies the true power of this herb, interact with specific parts of the human body.

Skincare products, however, are never meant to be ingested. They are meant for topical application only as we all now. And, even though the alkaloids will enter the bloodstream via the skin, it still won’t interact with the human body the way it would if you just ingested or drank it.

This is not to say that the evidence for whether or not kratom might have some degree of positive effect on the human body is nonexistent. Interestingly enough, there are a couple of observations and research papers out there, that talk about this very specific topic –

  • For instance, this study highlights that kratom might have some topical benefits.
  • Here’s one more article that talks about kratom and how it was traditionally used for skin care. It was used by the natives of Malay. There’s also some mention of traditional Thai medicine and how it talks about several topical applications/uses of kratom in the skincare regime.

It’s still not fully discovered exactly how kratom interacts with the human body when applied topically. There’s clearly a need for more research on this subject while we collect anecdotal stories/evidence.

But, it’s believed that if you choose the right product, it will make a positive difference in your skincare. At the very least, it should be a nice addition to your skincare routine.

Here what some think is happening

It is largely still unknown if the chemical compounds aka alkaloids that are present in the kratom can actually penetrate through the skin and have any noticeable effect. Some researchers believe that it could be 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine. Or, there could also be some other contributory compound/alkaloid which is unique to kratom.

There’s a good chance that it’s a synergistic combination of terpenes, flavonoids, and alkaloids that work in combination to create some kind of skincare benefits.

But, to pinpoint the exact benefits, you will have to wait a while or test it out yourself.

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Types of kratom skincare products on the market

You’re most likely to come across kratom soaps when searching for this line of products. It’s supposed to help with dry skin patches and itchy patches. It’s also supposed to promote a more even skin tone.

Other than that, below is a common range of other kratom skincare products that might interest you –

  • Sugar scrub
  • Lotions
  • Lip balms
  • Toners
  • Facewash

How to make kratom beauty products at home

That’s right! There’s the DIY route to kratom products if you don’t want to spend money on market products.

It’s pretty simple to infuse kratom with basically anything as long as you can properly combine the ingredients and maintain an ideal ratio. But, before that, it’s paramount that you get hands-on a quality kratom product. And for that, you can check the online store, The Golden Monk.

To make soap, you’re going to need a regular soap recipe and to that, add ⅓ cups of kratom powder. You can experiment a bit until you hit perfection.

Sugar scrubs are another excellent option to explore. Adding an extra layer of grittiness to kratom might act as an exfoliant.

It would be better if you first turn kratom into a tincture or an oil infusion and then add it to your favorite skincare product. Oils make it easy to absorb the cannabinoids more quickly.

Final thoughts

Kratom products are a new territory that still needs a lot of exploring. But, in the meantime, do give  some of these products a try and see if they work.

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