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Aly Michalka And Vanessa Hudgens Star In Bandslam

Bandslam. Go. See. This. Movie.

Not enough? Okay, if you don’t trust my implicit judgment on this one, check out the stellar cast: Aly Michalka (from 78violet—aka Aly & AJ), Vanessa Hudgens (High School Musical), Lisa Kudrow (Friends) and new-comer Gaelan Connell (Chocolat)—think young John Cusack.

The movie begins with Will Burton (Connell) trying to survive the halls of high school, seemingly resigned to the fact that he will always be the target of every bully around. But when his mom (Kudrow) announces that they are moving, it is the perfect chance to escape all that, to start over.

Enduring minimal time as the invisible new-kid in the school, Will is quickly recruited by gorgeous and formerly popular head-
cheerleader Charlotte (Michalka) for his expert music knowledge. Her rock band needs a manager, and an edge, in order to beat out her pompous ex-boyfriend’s band at Bandslam: a regional battle of the bands.

At the same time, he starts up a friendship with Sa5m (the 5 is silent), played by musical guru Vanessa Hudgens. But her role as loner/outcast is a far cry from her days as bright and sunny Gabriella Montez (which is, let’s face it, a refreshing change).

So don’t expect soft ballads through the hallways in this flick; it is classified as a musical-romantic comedy, but not in a hey-where-is-the-orchestra-hiding-and-why-does-everyone-spontaneously-know-the-same-choreography kind of way.


Because every great movie has an even better twist, Will’s rise in the ranks of popularity comes at a high price, and his blossoming romance with Sa5m, among other things, is at risk of falling away all too soon. The question is: can someone really change their stars and leave behind the baggage of a different life? Is high school really that merciful?

Check out Bandslam—now out on DVD—and find out!

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Faze has the Bandslam trailer for you!

Faze’s Exclusive Interview with Bandslam Star Gaelan!

bandslam gaelan connell

Faze caught up with the star of Bandslam, Gaelan Connell, and got his take on the soon-to-be hit movie. Here’s a sneak peek.

“I think one of the coolest things about the movie is that it’s so easy in Hollywood to kind of have the super-loser who’s McLovin’ in one corner and then you have the super-hot girl like Taylor Swift in the other corner. Will Burton is the 95% of us who go through high school and have some popular friends and some not-popular friends. So, to see that in a mainstream movie is so cool.”

Check out Faze’s upcoming issue for more of the interview!

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