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A Chat With Amber Lancaster From MTV’s The Hard Life Of RJ Berger

Nature made him scrawny and weird looking, but it also gave him a gift!

Amber Lancaster stars as Jenny Swanson in THE HARD TIMES OF RJ BERGER

Life is hard for RJ Berger: he’s in the social basement at Pinkerton High, the love of his life—Jenny Swanson—is dating the school bully and RJ cannot shake off the feelings of his obsessive friend Lilly.

However, things start to change for RJ when a freak accident reveals a big secret about him and he’s going to use it to get himself out of the basement. He runs for school president trying to inspire other social outcasts while still battling school Jock Max Owens for the affection of Jenny Swanson.

Creators David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith have described the show as a blend of the television series The Wonder Years and the film Superbad. The show premiered on June 6, 2010 and was watched by 2.6 Million viewers, making it the network’s most watched series debut since 2008. The second season premiered on March 24, 2011.

Amber Lancaster stars as Jenny Swanson in THE HARD TIMES OF RJ BERGER

Faze caught up with Amber Lancaster, who plays Jenny Swanson on the show, to discuss life on and off the set, as well as what to expect in season two.

Faze: When did you know you wanted to become an actress?

Amber:  Growing up I would see people on TV and think, “I could do that.” I was never like, “I want to be an actress, or I want to be famous.” It was always, “that looks fun.”  It’s funny, because I always wanted to do something different every week. I’d want to be a lawyer, next week I’d want to be a flight attendant. Than the next week I’d want to be a nurse. So it worked out; I became an actress.

Faze: What’s the atmosphere like on set?

Amber:  It’s really fun; the material is funny, so we’re constantly joking around and having a good time. We’re all friends, so it’s a really fun atmosphere.

Faze: What’s in store for the second season?

Amber:  The second season is bigger and better than everything you loved in the first season. You’ll get to see a lot more of each character’s life rather than just through RJ. As well, a lot of cool guest stars this season: we have Vinny from Jersey Shore making a guest appearance as RJ’s cousin, the band Eitherwill be making an appearance and Paris Hilton will be making a cameo.

Faze: What does success mean to you?

Amber:  I think success for me is not just a career thing. If I feel secure and happy with my family and personal life, as well as my career, I think that will be success.

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Here’s a trailer for The Hard Times of RJ Berger

Written by Faze contributor Thomas Morrison

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