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Annabelle Cosmetics And The Tek-Nopolis Craze

glow in the dark makeup

A Quebec cosmetics company successfully sets the trend

With trends in style coming and going every few days, it must be a tough business figuring out what’s next.

In the process of doing a little research we started speaking with some experts and we were tipped off that Tek-Nopolis glow in the dark cosmetics would become the next make-up craze.

Where did the tip come from?

Faze spoke with Isabelle Roy, marketing manager for Montreal-based Annabelle Cosmetics and asked her what she thought would be hot in the coming months. In fact, she already had a strong feeling last year about Tek-Nopolis, and now that her prediction is starting to¬†come true she’s already working hard trying to figure out next year’s showstopper.

Tek-Nopolis is the latest trend-setter to come from Professional Pharmaceutical Corporation in Quebec, which markets the Annabelle, Caroline and Marcelle cosmetic lines. By day you are the demure and understated student, but by night under the pulsating strobe of Black Light found predominantly at raves and nightclubs, your make-up transforms you into a psychedelic diva. Isabelle explains that, “Tek-Nopolis is a new cosmetic line that reacts to U.V. light. Under normal conditions the colours are very soft and subtle.”

Annabelle Cosmetics glow in the dark makeup

How exactly did Annabelle Cosmetics know that this was going to replace the slick super-wet lip and doe-eyed look that Britney Spears is now sporting? Well, at about this time last year Annabelle’s team of ‘trend-spotters’ were on the hunt for this season’s new look. They are constantly seeking trends a year in advance. Inspiration comes from everywhere. Of course they consult internationally renowned trend specialists and scrutinize the ads from top designers like Chanel, Yves St. Laurent and Cartier while they also surf the web and scope the club scenes for a “street” sense of what is developing.

Isabelle says that “this market is very dynamic and if you can’t keep up – then you won’t be in the game.” Compared to their competitors, Annabelle is a small fish in a very large pond. According to Isabelle, they have been able to run in the same race because of their ability to react very quickly to the trends. Professional Pharmaceutical Corporation has their head office and developmental facilities here in Canada. This means they can conceptualize a product, take it to the labs, create samples, test the line and get it onto the shelves in record time.

When Annabelle launched their collection called ‘Hint Of Tint’ this summer, they were flattered to note that the release of similar products by Chanel and Lancome coincided with theirs. It’s good to see one of the little guys get it right, especially if they’re Canadian. Go Annabelle Go!

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