Anxiety In School: A Real Issue

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Deadlines are burning holes in your calendar, and the whole world is on fire: do you feel like this a lot? Are you one of those students who panic before and during a final week? Believe it or not, many students struggle with such feelings in school. In this article, we’ll talk about what you can do to fight these emotions apart from using platforms like paper writing service MasterPapers.

What Is Anxiety?

It is believed that a certain level of anxiety is normally common to all people and is necessary for optimal adaptation to reality. In order to control this condition in extreme conditions, it is important to study it in everyday human activities. For a student, the most common extreme situation is taking an exam.

Students with a raised level of anxiety performance of an activity in stressful conditions cause considerable nervous and mental pressure caused by their excessive exactingness to itself. This is especially evident in situations that pose a threat to their self-esteem. For example, in interpersonal relationships, in which their adequacy of personality is assessed, or during an exam. For this reason, there is a shift in the motive of activity, in which a person instead of finding a way out of the situation focuses on the quality of success of their activities, overestimating the significance of mistakes and responsibility for them. At the heart of the neuro-psychological stress that arises, in this case, are unproductive energy costs, which excessively increase the “cost” or “price of intellectual stress”.

At the same time, after passing the first exam, the emotional load usually weakens significantly but does not fall to the background values, because the student knows that the session has just begun, and he is still waiting for the test. But the anxious anticipation of the next exam maybe even higher if you get a grade on the previous one below the desired one.

As banal as it may sound, relaxation techniques help to reduce the level of exam anxiety.

A study in which students participated showed that twenty-minute relaxation training, conducted twice a week for 5 weeks, can reduce the level of exam anxiety.

The training consisted of breathing practices and muscle relaxation. Initially, students practiced breathing exercises: doing slow deep inhales and exhales. Next, different muscle groups were strained and completely relaxed. In general, this study proposed a method of working with examination anxiety “through the body” and proved its effectiveness.

You can use other “measures”: thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. Another study was based on the ideas and techniques of cognitive-behavioral therapy.

A total of 5 meetings were held with students in the research. The nature of anxiety and fear of evaluation, their connection with our thoughts, beliefs, and self-esteem were discussed, and certain psychotherapeutic techniques were practiced. For example, students performed an imaginary exposition – imagining the worst, in their opinion, situations that may occur during or after the exam. Together with the therapist and the group, they monitored the level of their anxiety and learned to deal with it. This approach has also shown its effectiveness, which is to be expected, as cognitive-behavioral therapy is currently one of the most effective in dealing with various types of anxiety.

And the last approach in question proves an obvious but important hypothesis: exam anxiety can be reduced by eliminating the objective causes of anxiety. So, obviously, employing help from MasterPapers works extremely well.

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What Exactly Should I Do?

On the Internet, you can find many articles with tips on what to do when preparing for exams. Basically, they retell recommendations about the rate of sleep, food, physical activity, rest, and so on. These basic recommendations are really worth following. You can read additional literature on exam anxiety and anxiety in general because understanding the mechanisms of anxiety is one of the steps to reduce it.

We have already mentioned that examination anxiety can be a manifestation of social anxiety. If you think that social anxiety (strong feelings in communication, eternal fear of “what others will think” and public speeches, etc.) – is about you, you can read the project book “Social Anxiety And Phobia: How To Look Out From Under The Mantle Of Invisibility”. Other possible options for effective self-help to master the examination anxiety are breathing and relaxation practices, the practice of mindfulness. You can learn these practices with various smartphone or computer applications.


If breathing practices (and everything like that) do not help you and in general you think it is a waste of time, then this piece will come in handy.

Preparation and delivery are different things. If you failed all the time before the exam with textbooks on the couch, the contrast with the strict exam class will be very strong, and it will affect you negatively. Therefore, teaching tickets, sitting at the table, telling topics, standing “at the board” – will bring you closer to the real situation.

Rehearse and rehearse again. Try to imagine a difficult situation on the exam and find a way out of it. Ask yourself the most difficult questions and answer them. Experience the fear of failure and think – well, really there is no way out? Cry, grieve, get angry with yourself and others. Experience your fear BEFORE the exam.

Think of a case of your success. How did you behave then, what did you say, what did you think, how did you move, how did you look – live these situations.

Try an autogenic workout. Make formulas for yourself, tune in to the spirit of “I will succeed” and repeat this before bed and during the day.

The last 12 hours should be prepared not for knowledge, but for the body to pass the exam. It is best not to do anything, but to rest, to allow investing knowledge. Well, please yourself with some good movies, it will help you calm down and get in the right mood.

To Conclude

Summing up, we would like to note that the mental state of anxiety is one of the main indicators of psychological readiness to act in stressful situations. But the increased level of personal anxiety in students contributes to increased tension in the exam, which is an obstacle in the pursuit of a good result. So, sometimes, it’s completely okay to read the article – The Best Essay Writing Services | Top Companies Offering Assignment Help – and get help with the overwhelming assignments to calm your nerves.


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