If You Could Be Anyone For A Day, Who Would You Be?

Another in our Whaddya Think series, where we ask students for their opinions.

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If You Could Be Anyone For A Day, Who Would You Be: Whaddya Think?

Daniel A., 13
I would like to be Samuel L. Jackson because it would be fun to meet people, travel places, and do movies withother people.

R.J., 15
If I could be anybody for a day, I would want to be Michael Jordan because he inspires me to play basketball.

Nicole G., 13

I would like to be singer-actress-celebrity, Jennifer Lopez because she has all the fame and everything.

Helen L., 15
I would want to be my older cousin Hanna for a day because she’s a good role model, and she doesn’t do anything bad.

Rikar R., 13

I would be Ashlee Simpson because I like her clothes and she’s cool. I wanna see how she lives for a day.

Michelle H., 15

I would probably be Elsie McGill because she was one of the first women to go to university and she went for (a degree in engineering) airplanes. So it was kinda cool that she was in university for something most women wouldn’t be assumed to go into school for and I like that.

Bree M., 14

I would be Jessica Alba because I like her style and she’s really cool in movies.

Troy K., 14

I would be Bill Gates for a day because he’s skilled at computers and he’s an entrepreneur, he worked hard to get where he’s at right now and he has a lot of money.

J.C. S., 14
I would be my father because he’s a good role model for me; He owns a business and I look up to him.

Interviews and Photos by Amanda Robinson

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