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Turning Your Artistic Ability Into An Online Business

Jewelry Designer - Online Business

If you’re an artist or craftsman, you love what you do. But the nagging question arises, “How can I make money from this art?” Since you’ve probably put much time and effort into producing your unique art or craft, it is time to think about how you can sell your art online.

Among the choices that can be used to get your art out there are sites like Etsy, eBay, Fine Art America and a host of other sites for arts and crafts. But when it comes to starting your own business, having a unique and memorable website of your own might be the best solution; you can manage and create an e-commerce website that sells and displays the beautiful work that you do, leaving you more time to do more work.

Earn through the web

Some reasons for having a website include:

  • Showing your work
  • Adding new work as it becomes available
  • Referring people, such as show attendees, to see your art

Artistic Online Business Website

When you create a sales website complete with a virtual terminal payment option, you have a place to send those who visit your social media posts. Your website can be where viewers can see your art as well as buy from you.

Moreover, many facets of the e-commerce website process have been made easy. Pictures can be uploaded easily as new products become available. A shopping cart is part of the solution. You will be able to take a variety of payment options, and it will be handled through the website.

An e-commerce platform allows you to customize and build as well as run your virtual store. You may be able to choose one of their templates that will let you show your work in its best light. Some templates resemble a gallery and have been used for photography as well as art. Others let you highlight one work to invite potential clients and customers to browse further. Moreover, you will be able to add more or recent work when a piece is sold and is no longer available.

You’ll want to be assured that payments are secure and that you will get sales reports. Since you want to spend more time on actually doing the art or craft, having the business side of your shop taken care of, is a very valuable resource. You may have options such as gift wrap and discounts if the e-commerce site offers such tools.

Save Your Back

With an online store, you can reach your customers or galleries throughout the world. Not schlepping art or heavy crafts around to shows and fairs is just one of the benefits. When you create an e-commerce website, you will not be as dependent on galleries or traveling to distant shows to sell your work.

Off to market - China

A well-designed shop makes it easier for buyers to find pieces that they love. And simple buying solutions make it easier for them to purchase those items. Your site can be optimized for iPhone and iPad.

One advantage of being able to sell your art online is that you do not need to wait for a check to arrive in the mail or through meeting with the gallery agent. You get paid immediately, in many cases. Moreover, there is little overhead and no gallery rental fee.

Turning your art or craft into dollars is now easier in today’s e-commerce environment. Why not show and sell your work with the technology of today’s world?

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