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4 Awesome Space-Saving Bathroom Storage Ideas

bathroom storage

Bathroom storage is one of the most important aspects of designing or redesigning your bathroom. With today’s emphasis on home assembly, it’s important that we as homeowners take the time to evaluate what we have and utilize that space to its fullest extent. A lot of times, as we get older, we find that we might use more products or start a family.

Because of this, organization gets difficult in all areas of the house, not just the bathroom. For inspiring bathroom storage ideas, check out the vast gallery of stunning looks you can easily copy from the internet. Here are some great bathroom storage ideas that you might want to consider.

How Can You Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Small bathrooms can be made to look bigger with the use of storage items like cabinets, magnetic organizers, or storage baskets. It is recommended you also use wall mirrors to induce reflection, which can make your bathroom appear bigger.

Over-the-toilet Storage

bathroom storage

Bathroom storage ideas are often overlooked because homeowners think that their space is limited making it impossible to add much in the way of storage space. They might not have realized that all you need to do to maximize your space is to get creative. For example, you can use an over the toilet storage instead of utilizing floor space.

If you look closely, you might also realize there is ample room underneath the counter or vanity top, and that you can use this space to store everything from medicine to linens to books to extra bathroom accessories. A custom cabinet, on the other hand, made with proper counter and foundation support, can take up a fraction of the bathroom’s space.

Because linen comes in sets, they can occupy space. You could install over-the-toilet shelves to make the best of your limited space. Here you can store your linens or towels. Either way, it is an easy and cheap way to bring more organization to your bathroom.

Wall Shelf

bathroom storage

With your bathroom overflowing with clutter, an easy way to organize things is to install a wall shelf. A wall shelf will help you clear out all the excess clutter in your bathroom while adding beautiful décor and function. It can also save space as well since it’s attached to the wall.

Clear out your medicine cabinet, boxes, cleaning materials and store them in your cabinet. Make sure that you don’t use the traditional cabinet attached to the floor as they will only take up more space and occupy your floor space. From an economical DIY construction, you can get yourself a stylish, useful wall shelf that will surely transform your bathroom into a more organized area.

One great idea is to get a wall-mounted cabinet above the door. This will give you additional space and an extra storage area for those unwanted small items. A wall cabinet is a functional bathroom storage idea that is very easy to install and comes in various designs, sizes, and prices. You can go for a simple shelf that has two doors or a larger one with more space.

Magnetic Organizers

bathroom storage magnetic

Magnetic organizers can be used to store small items in your bathroom like a hair stretcher or toothbrush. These organizers can fit into just about any bathroom and come in a variety of sizes and designs. They can fit onto the top of your vanity or countertop. Magnetic organizers lined along the top of your bathroom sink can be the ideal way to safely store little day-to-day essentials while still keeping them organized within your wall unit.

They are just plain useful for storing cosmetics as well. Most magnetic organizers will sit right atop your sink, counter, or cabinet. For bathroom storage ideas that utilize wall space, choose a set of hooks that can also allow you to hang towels or rack. Some of these magnetic organizers come with hooks as well. Hooks will allow you to place any number of items without taking up floor space or exposing you to the danger of tripping over small items in your bathroom.

Storage Baskets

bathroom storage baskets

Organizing your bathroom is all about keeping exactly what you require for daily living. The rest that is used occasionally should be stored away in containers like storage baskets. Storage baskets are among the popular means to keep your bathroom neat and arranged.

Storage baskets can come with compartments to hold and store spare towels. Some baskets even come with drawers that can contain extra toilet paper. If you wish to utilize baskets to organize your belongings daily, then you need to also keep them properly in the bathroom. Storage baskets are stackable and can be placed on top of each other.


Bathroom storage ideas for small spaces center around wall-mounted cabinets,  wall hooks, shelves, and the like. These can save floor space and make your bathroom appear bigger. You can utilize these types of organizers to hold all of your toiletries, including tissue paper, hand sanitizer, shaving gear, make-up, etc. These items take up a lot of space, so placing them in an organized manner can leave you with more floor space to work with.


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