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We’re Live! Working It Backstage At The Junos

So…we’re here at the 40th Juno Awards for 2011 and there is so much to look forward to: performances by Hedley, DWW, Tokyo Police Club and appearances by Neil Young, Shania Twain and, of course, hosting by Drake!!!

Tons of stuff going on backstage, but everyone is waiting for the winners to take the stage and then head back here to the Junos press room.

At the 2011 Junos with VJ host Liz Trinnear and Dana Krook

Met some new friends and got reacquainted with some golden ones–MuchMusic VJ Liz Trinnear appeared in issue #37 of Faze.

And the winner’s have started appearing backstage at the media room to talk to us–well, not just us, but all the excited Canadian press!

Deadmau5 at the 2011 Junos

Deadmau5 won Dance Recording of the Year–last night at the Gala Dinner, where a ton more Junos are handed out.

Junos Shania Twain inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame

Welcome back, Shania Twain! Inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame tonight, Shania gave a great speech about how proud she is to be Canadian and how proud she is of all the talent coming out of the country she calls home.

End of the speech concluded with a shout-out about “loving the Canadian bush,” which left us thinking…what??

Later, in the press room, when asked about her comment, Shania laughed and explained, “I grew up in Northern Ontario!” Bush= the forest for Timmons residents. We should’ve known!

Shania Twain laughs, enjoying herself at the 2011 Junos

Shania throws her head back and laughs about the old clip shown during her tribute that gave viewers a glimpse of a young Shania, before braces. 🙂 Here’s a nod to modern dentistry!

Junos Bob Ezrin K'naan Knaan accepts the award for Single of the Year for "Wavin' Flag"

K’naan with Producer Bob Ezrin accepted the award for Single of Year for the song “Wavin’ Flag” on behalf of Young Artists for Haiti.

Neil Young shares his views on music after beating out Bieber for the Artist of the Year Award at the Junos

Neil Young came backstage and was asked about being put in the same category as Justin Bieber–Neil Young beat out Bieber for the Artist of the Year Award. He shrugs and makes a comment about the Biebs’–“he’s got some moves.”

He also shared his views on why music, at the lowest level (streaming) should be free. He likened streaming albums online, for free, to going into record stores and being able to listen to songs before buying them. You wouldn’t charge someone to enter a record store, so why charge for a low-quality preview of music? (Which you can then buy in various higher qualities) Makes sense to me!

Arcade Fire wins Album of the Year and Group of the Year at the 2011 Junos

Arcade Fire gave a killer performance AND took home 2 awards for Album of the Year (The Suburbs) and Group of the Year. Everyone will be paying super-close attention to this talented group–more than ever–as they move forward in their career.

Junos Arcade Fire Winners

So…Drake was a no-show backstage in the Junos media room (insert sad face), but I will leave you all with a face Drake track and hopefully that will satisfy! Til next year…

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