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Banking On Your Future: Getting What You Need From Banks

Get to know the people with the cash!

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“I don’t have money to invest and I don’t need to borrow money, so what do I want with a banker?”


A friendly discussion with your branch banker can lead to a better understanding of a system and a culture that will have an important influence on your life. It may sound as exciting as a visit to the dentist but it is just as worthwhile. No one expects you to walk in and say hello for fun, but a small investment in your financial health now can have a lasting effect later.

It is important that you get to know someone in your bank. You probably feel that you have nothing to discuss and no real reason for coming in, nevertheless, visit your branch from time to time and say hello to the tellers, a personal banker or the manager. By developing a relationship and investing some of your time you are really banking on your future.

It’s not about the money. At least not yet. Think for a moment about that little section at the bottom of your resume that states your ‘references’ – Bank Manager would look great. Or what about when you realize your passport has expired just before you head off on a holiday – a banker that knows you comes in handy to sign the passport application. Not to mention when you’re looking for a job – your local branch is not a bad place to start. See what I mean?

Money - Get the bank machine runningBut that’s not all. If your bank knows you well they can guarantee your signature or create a “certified true copy” of an important document. Familiarity may help you to qualify more readily for credit products or banking privileges. What if you need a student line of credit down the road, or a credit card and don’t forget the possibility of buying some freedom with the help of a car loan? Is spending a few minutes at your branch a little more appealing now?

It’s possible these days to bank with an institution for years and only enter a branch once. If you have a bankcard, a telephone or online banking access it hardly seems necessary to visit your branch.

Until now.

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Written for Faze by Doug Sherrington, TD Financial Advisor in Toronto

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