5 Ways To Be a Good Dog Owner And Be Considerate Of Other People

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Dogs are adorable pets. As a dog owner, you enjoy companionship and security from your pet. Having a dog is always a great life experience, but it can also be hectic if your pet is irritating you and those around you. The following tips will help you to be a considerate dog owner.

Feeding routine

Feed your dog to make sure it is healthy. Feeding will prevent your dog from running away from your home to your neighbor’s kitchen and trash bins to look for food. It will also prevent your dog from barking caused by hunger. The dog breed is always a consideration to make when feeding your dog. For example, if you own a mini French bulldog, you would want to do some research to get the right food for this particular small breed.

Introduce your dog to a feeding routine. A feeding routine will condition your pet to expect food at specific times of the day. When you are busy and not always around to feed your pet, a feeding routine will come in handy. You can consult your pet’s veterinarian about the proper feeding routine and the best nutrition for your pet.

Controlled barking

Your dog may bark when it wants to communicate. Barking can be a nuisance. To avoid conflict with those around you, you can try to control your dog’s barking. You can train your dog not to bark for a long time. You should be able to calm them if they are barking due to restlessness or hunger.

Give your dog its food if it’s hungry and provide company if it’s alone. Learn to calm them down if they are stressed out. You can also train them to understand gestures and words to stop them from barking. A bark collar would come in handy if you get the nuisance barking from your dog and you are seeking a permanent solution to the uncontrolled barking.

Dog training

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Training your pet is one of the ways to strengthen the bond between you and your four-legged friend. Train your dog to be obedient to you and to be mindful of others. Everyone loves a well-behaved pet. By training, you are building good communication with your dog which will help you understand your pet. Stronger communication leads to a good relationship with your dog.

You should train your dog on how to behave when strangers are around. Teach the basic dog things like being calm when you have people around, then gradually you can move to complex training. With consistent training, you will find that your dog is comfortable in crowded places like the park. Training your dog will help you avoid conflict with those around you.


Fencing is a convenient way of ensuring that your dog does not stray to your neighbor’s yard or the dangerous street. It also helps to keep other stray dogs out of your compound. A dog that is restrained to stay in your compound is always safe from ruining the neighbors’ garden or getting into the trash cans and scattering the trash everywhere.

If your dog causes so much nuisance in the neighborhood, you are likely to be reported to the authorities. Fencing also aids in preventing unwanted breeding. Stray dogs are likely to meet with their mates, which causes breeding that you had not planned.

Cleaning and sanitation

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Nobody wants to be close to a smelly dog. It would be best to wash your dog regularly, shave the loose hair, and clip the nails. This will help if your dog will be going to other people’s homes. Your neighbors are likely to love your dog if it is healthy and well maintained. Clean your dog to avoid transmitting diseases to other people’s dogs and to keep your dog pest-free.

Clean your dog using shampoo and dispose of the fur. This will bring proper sanitation to the community. This shows you are considerate of the well-being of others. In addition, thorough cleaning of your dog helps eradicate bad odor that keeps people away from visiting you, and a smelly dog cannot be allowed in people’s homes.

It would be best if you had better ways of disposing of your dog’s waste. Those around you will get annoyed if they regularly come across your dog’s fecal waste and fur. You should always clean after your dog to maintain good hygiene.

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Owning a well-mannered dog is the key to a good relationship with your neighbors and friends. Keep your dog in the best condition by feeding and cleaning your pet and train your pet to behave accordingly.

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