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Beating The Chill: Must Have Winter Loungewear

Winter is the season of warm drinks, Christmas decorations, New Year’s celebrations, holiday dinners with family, and lounging around on the couch trying to stay warm.

This is the time of the year when all you want to wear are comfortable clothes, especially when you are at home. From warm socks to sweatpants to hoodies, loungewear is very much in demand when the weather gets cold.

Whether you are hoping to buy fairly priced loungewear from a designer outlet or seeking budget options, we have several recommendations that you may find appealing.

Below are reviews of the very best winter loungewear products this year.

1. Old Navy High-Waisted French Terry Sweatpants

winter loungewear Old Navy High-Waisted French Terry Sweatpants

Old Navy has many great options in the loungewear category, but interestingly, one of their best items is only available online. The Old Navy Extra High-Waisted French Terry Sweatpants are a bargain, especially when you consider their comfort and longevity.

These pants are available in three different colors, while there is also a fourth option of a leopard print. If you want to have a bit of fun while lounging around the house, you may love the last option, but the three neutral colors are very good for understated home loungewear or even running errands in the morning before you are in any fit state to dress up.

These Old Navy sweatpants prove that you do not have to spend over the odds to get a quality loungewear piece. Considering seasonal sales, you may even want to buy two or three to rotate through during the week. 

2. Champion Women’s Fleece Open Bottom Pants

Champion Women’s Fleece Open Bottom Pants

Another excellent loungewear option, this time from Champion, is the Women’s Fleece Open Bottom Pants. With these sweatpants, you get the ideal combination of relaxation and style. They are extremely cozy, fleece-lined, and come in different colors.

When you are searching for the ideal sweatpants, you want a product that looks slimming and form-fitting; anything too baggy limits how often and where you can wear the product, which is why the Champion Fleece Open Bottom Pants are perfect. They do have a little give in the ankle area, but the rest of the sweatpants are extremely form-fitting while being very comfortable to wear as well.

The color options for these pants are gray and black. Those who want to build up their loungewear wardrobe may want to get the pants in both colors for their winter rotation of clothes.

3. Bunnie Loungewear Hoodie Dress

Ever felt the need to wear a hoodie that is so cozy that you never want to take it off, but also not have to wear any pants? That is what you can do with the “Bunnie” Loungewear Hoodie Dress from Threadbare.

Available in four sizes and a single light blue color, this long sleeve hoodie dress is the perfect way to spend your casual weekends or days off from work. With a mid-length style that features a drop shoulder and balloon sleeves, this hoodie is extremely stylish and comfortable to wear.

There is a pocket in the center if you want to hold anything while walking around the house, while the hoodie is big enough that you can easily wrap it on top of your head if you are stepping outside the house into a bit of rain or snow during the winter.

Elevate your loungewear style game with this must-have hoodie dress, which is long enough that you can feel warm and fuzzy without needing to wear any pants around the house.

4. “Armada” Hooded Onesie

Hooded Onesie

Looking stylish and feeling comfortable around the house is not only for women, but men too! Threadbare has come up with a unique onesie that any man can feel confident and proud to wear around the house, especially during the winter when they have days off work or vacation days.

Available in five different sizes and a single charcoal color, this onesie is the perfect combination of stylish, comfortable, and cute. With a zip fastening that ensures a great fit, kangaroo pockets, and a soft-touch fabric that delivers a very comfortable feel, you may never want to take off this onesie when you are at home.

The product is also machine washable, which is a huge win for anyone who wants to elevate their loungewear attire this winter. There is no need to worry about dry cleaning or hanging your onesie out to dry when you can throw it in the machine and have it come out dry as a bone.

5. True Religion Lullaby Black Zip Hooded Sweatshirt

True Religion Lullaby Black Zip Hooded Sweatshirt

Who says that loungewear has to mean compromising your sense of style? True Religion has come out with a Lullaby Black Zip Hooded Sweatshirt that looks and feels the part in equal measure. The hoodie comes in black, while there are four sizing options available at present.

True Religion, a Los Angeles-based company founded in 2002, has a long history of producing quality denim, casual, and loungewear attire. Their Lullaby Black Zip Hooded Sweatshirt is the ideal hoodie for casual winter days at home or errands to the grocery store or local restaurant in the evenings.

The front features a simple horseshoe logo on a single side, while there is a larger logo with a Buddha branding print. This hoodie is very comfortable and definitely all-day wear but still retains its shape well enough that you could combine it with jeans for casual and stylish outerwear as well.

Stay Warm and Relax in Style

Who says that staying warm and feeling comfortable has to come at the expense of fashion? Whether you are visiting a friend’s house, inviting family members to your house, or lounging around at home with your family, you will want to look and feel good.

The above loungewear products are extremely warm, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. If you find the best sources to purchase quality loungewear, you can save a lot of money on each item, even designer loungewear.

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