Beautifying Gardens: 5 Great Plants You Can Grow In Your Yard

Having a nice garden area is a good way to increase your home’s value, especially if you’re considering selling your house anytime soon. Although you have to maintain it and give attention to their needs, they will save you lots of cash too in the long run since a large garden could be another source of profit or a place where you could harvest edible plants for consumption.

One factor that makes a garden beautiful is planting a mixture of various plants- perennials, wildflowers, vegetables, herbs, shrubs, and the like. Also, when you are gardening outside, it benefits your health because you increase your exposure to Vitamin D. This is why gardeners who enjoy planting make gardening a hobby that they carry until they grow old.

You can proudly say that you have a good garden to incorporate various plants and provide an aesthetic interest to your area. If possible, plants could also help in dividing space. Listed here below are five great plants you may want to consider growing in your yard.

Boxwood Shrubs

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Boxwood shrubs are usually used in landscapes, and they also produce some flowers- in colors yellowish or greenish that are not usually apparent and only during late spring. Also, this shrub could produce little fruits that have tiny seeds inside. Pruning a boxwood shrub is a good method to do if you want to remove some dying branches or eliminate some diseased parts.

Typically, this kind of plant grows slowly and would mature best in places where there is a warmer climate. Although some could handle frost, not all can survive. If you want to have a boxwood shrub planted near your house, allot at least three to four feet distance as to where your house stands. Planting them too near your home could create some harm to its foundation.

In growing them, you must provide good drainage and try using a trimming method to help maintain their desired shape. Although this will not help make the shrub grow faster, it will surely help maintain its shape and cut overgrown branches.

Oleander Shrub

pink white oleander

If you want a flowering shrub as an addition to your garden, look no further than Oleander Shrubs. These hardy, flowering plants have bright pink, white, yellow, or red flowers that can make a garden look incredible. Since they’re shrubs, you can definitely shape them just like boxwood shrubs. Oleander shrubs can grow up to more than 8 feet high.

Be cautious though, these ornamental plants might look pretty, but they can get dangerous. Almost every part of the plant is toxic when ingested. Keep pets and small children away from this plant. Oleander shrubs are easy and safe to grow, despite having this negative trait about them. Learn more on how to grow these beautiful plants when you visit Gardener’s Path.

Pulmonaria Officinalis

lungwort flower garden

A pulmonaria officinalis plant is an edible garden plant that has lots of uses. They have beautiful flowers that could attract various pollinators like bees. But, it is most famous as a remedy for treating some lung problems. Thus, they are also termed in some places as Lungwort.

This plant has a beautiful bud and attractive flower petals, transforming its color from red to blue during its blooming time. Additionally, it has a fresh flavor when eaten, and if you are looking for a substitute for food that is low in fiber, this is a good plant to consume.

Growing this plant needs some extra attention. It is important to note that you need to water them when they are in a state of drought and at least fertilize them once a year. They would also grow their best in a partially shady location.


pansies pansy flower garden

Pansies are a famous flower that symbolizes remembrance. Their flower petals are one of the things that makes them special since they grow in a heart shape and are overlapping. They are perfect to be grown as ground covers since they are reliable to survive throughout the year sometimes, but they are not tolerant of very cool weathers and might cause them to wilt.

A pansy will also love being regularly watered. In this way, it will allow your pansies to keep blooming and look at their best. But, overwatering is something you must not do as it could not benefit its growth and maturity.

Lastly, if you love a plant in your garden that resembles a perfume’s scent, then pansies are the perfect plant for you. Not to mention, they are edible too! It will be hard to forget about the fragrance a pansy has once you take a sniff at its beautiful blooms.


sunflower garden

Sunflowers are one of the most known beautiful flowers that could be grown even in the hottest places on earth. They are best known for their susceptibility to surviving extreme heat, making them easy to care for. You do not need to always remind yourself to water them; unless it’s their growing season, they certainly need some water every week.

Also, there’s no other flower that could be best associated with summer than a sunflower. It has also been known that sunflowers are safe for consumption and are healthy to eat. The leaves of a sunflower plant could even be added to salads if you want to. They also attract pollinators that are helpful in their development.


A beautiful garden is not only pleasant to look at, but they bring lots of benefits to human health. There are numerous plants you can try growing based on your liking, but you have to make sure that you’re committed to taking care of and maintaining them. If you can’t, there are still plants that are low maintenance that you might consider. Check out the plants mentioned above for a guide.

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