12 Huge Beauty Mistakes Most Of Us Make

makeup beauty mistakes

If you want to look and feel good, cultivating a great beauty routine that you can stick to is often one of the most important and useful things you can do. Now, of course, not everything is about looking beautiful. That said, a great routine can really enhance our well-being and make a massive difference to our overall outlook. As well as coming up with a beauty routine of your own that you feel able to stick to, there are some pretty huge beauty mistakes that people continue to make, in spite of knowing just how awful they can be. Even worse, some people are doing them totally unaware that they could actually be harmful in the long run! If you want to make sure that you’re not doing anything to damage your well-being, or anything to age yourself prematurely, read on for some of the biggest beauty mistakes that most people make:

#1 Getting Less Than 6 Hours Sleep

Most people burn the candle at both ends and end up getting less than 6 hours sleep – usually during the week. It can be tough when there are so many things you want to fit into your day, but making sure you prioritize your sleep is crucial. Getting less than 6 hours sleep a night can be just as bad, if not worse, than having none at all according to studies. Some people naturally don’t need much sleep, but if you’re simply getting little sleep during the week and then catching up on weekends, you need to get into a more consistent routine. Getting 8 hours of sleep a night is recommended, sometimes more depending on your activity levels, job description, and how much sleep you usually feel you need. 


#2 Using Skin Care Products For The Wrong Skin Type

Do you know your skin type? If not, it’s time to find out! Using skin care products isn’t enough to keep your skin healthy; they must be the right kind of products for your skin type. If you’re not sure what that is, it’s a good idea to head to a dermatologist to find out. Using the wrong skin care products will always set you back. Here are some pointers for getting that skincare routine right:

  • Cleanse, tone, and moisturize to start off with. Keep it simple.
  • Add in serums if you want more targeted skincare treatments. 
  • Pay attention to changes in your skin, as it could indicate a change in type. This can happen due to hormonal changes or even changes in the weather. 
  • Sometimes, less is more. 

#3 Using Their Teeth As Tools

Using your teeth to bite your nails, open bottles, and do other things that you’re not supposed to will leave them chipped, cracked, and at danger of breaking. All it takes is one wrong move and your teeth could end up seriously damaged and in need of expensive treatment. You can use temporary veneers to get a great looking set of teeth, but remember to actually focus on their health, too. 

#4 Sleeping On Unwashed Pillowcases 

Washing your pillowcases more often is probably a good idea. Most people don’t wash them nearly enough, and this means that bacteria gets transferred back to the face night after night. If you have problem skin, washing them more often might even help you to clear up some of your imperfections. 

#5 Using Dirty Makeup Tools

Keeping your makeup sponges and brushes clean is important, especially if you wear makeup regularly. Applying makeup with dirty tools can make your face dirty and clog your pores, and you won’t exactly be getting the most natural looking result, either! There are some great devices out there these days that can help you to clean and dry your makeup brushes in no time at all, so there’s no excuse for using dirty tools. 

makeup brushes beauty mistakes

#6 Using Makeup Past Its Use by Date

If you’ve had some makeup products for years, it could be time to throw them away. Make sure you pay attention to the use by advice on the container. Some products can be kept for a few years, while others will need to be used much faster. Using them past their use by dates could result in issues with your skin, and the product won’t look as good as it would have if it were fresh. 

#7 Only Cleansing Once 

Cleansing your face is an essential part of your skin care routine – and that means cleansing it properly, not with wipes or micellar water! Using a proper face wash is so important if you’re going to prep the skin for the rest of your products and ensure you’ve washed off any makeup and pollutants. That being said, only cleansing once, even with a good cleanser, could still be a mistake. If you wear makeup and/or SPF, cleansing twice is a must. Even if you don’t, cleansing twice could help you to improve your skin condition. The first cleanse takes off any product you had on the day/night before, and the second one helps to cleanse the skin and prepare it for the rest of your products. 

You don’t want to use a cleanser that is too harsh for this. Many skincare experts tend to use a hydrating cleanser for the first cleanse, such as an oil cleanser, and then a foaming cleanser for the second cleanse. Some people also like to use a cleansing brush for a deeper clean and a little exfoliation. 

#8 Neglecting Your Neck, Chest, and Hands

When applying your skincare, neglecting your neck, chest, and hands could leave your face looking youthful but the rest of you dehydrated and prematurely aged. Taking each product you use down to your chest is a good idea, especially if you want to look youthful for as long as you can. The hands also tend to age quite quickly, so don’t forget to use exfoliating products and moisturizers on them. 

colourful makeup beauty mistakes

#9 Over Exfoliating

Using physical exfoliators can be harsh on the skin, but chemical exfoliators can help to get off those dead skin cells without doing any damage at all. They help to reveal a brighter complexion, and can be a great addition to any skincare routine. Glycolic acid and similar acids are perfect for this – just don’t exfoliate every day. For those with seriously oily or acne prone skin, exfoliating every day with a gentle product could work. However, most people will only need to do this 2-3 times per week for the best results. You could damage your skin barrier if you do it too much!

#10 Leaving Skin Susceptible To Sun Damage

The sun is quite sneaky. It can damage the skin through windows, which means you can still suffer sun damage in the car or the house. It can also damage the skin regardless of whether it’s bright or hot outside. Wearing SPF protects the skin from sun damage and premature ageing, so don’t forget to wear it every day! You can wear it on top of your normal skin care and even your makeup. This is one of the best and easiest things you can do to protect your skin and keep it healthy. 

#11 Wearing The Wrong Shade of Foundation

Wearing the wrong foundation shade can leave you looking too orange, too pink, too dark, or just plain dull. Get professionally matched if you’re not sure what you need. 

#12 Not Flossing or Brushing The Tongue 

Failure to floss or brush your tongue will often result in bad breath, and it can even damage your teeth in the long run. Make sure you add flossing and brushing to your routine each day!

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