Beauty Review: How Different Mascara Wands Actually Impact Your Lashes

Full, fluttery, look-at-me lashes are having a major moment right now, with falsies and lash extensions becoming as routine as wearing eyeliner. It seems like more and more new mascaras are popping up each day, each promising us the long, luxe lashes of our dreams with just a few coats. So whether you want to lengthen, thicken or curl your eyelashes, how do you choose between hundreds of different mascaras promising to do just that?

If you are like me and have (way) too many mascaras in your makeup collection, it gets hard to remember which wands do what for your lashes. So, I decided to take a few different mascaras with wands designed to either lengthen, thicken or curl the lashes and compare them side-by-side!

The Goal: Major Volume

Thickening mascaras are usually made of densely packed bristles and are designed to get in close and coat each of the individual lashes for maximum volume. The Urban Decay Lush Lash mascara wand has soft plastic bristles and a contoured brush that works really well for lifting and spreading the eyelashes out evenly in the corners. The Maybelline and Smashbox mascaras both have long fibre bristles that add volume at the root of the lashes for a full finish. The bristles on the Smashbox Full Exposure wand are stiffer and do a better job at thickening the lashes at the ends as well as the roots. Buxom’s Lush & Lifted mascara brings the best of both worlds with a wand that combines fibre bristles with a plastic comb. The brush side thickens the lashes while the comb separates and defines the lashes for added impact.major volume

The Goal: Maximum Length

Plastic wands with short, stiff bristles can get in close and separate each lash from the root for added length and definition. The dome-shaped tip on the Bad Gal Mascara is great for accessing the hard-to-reach lashes at the corners of your eyes. Mascara and primer sets, like the L’Oreal Double Extend, are great if you are looking to add both length and volume to your lashes for a more dramatic finish.


The Goal: Extra lift and Dramatic Curl

Curved wands fit to the natural curve of your eyelashes, lifting them up and fanning them out from corner to corner for a pretty winged look. The Maybelline Falsies have a fiber brush that curls the lashes up nicely and makes them look softer than the plastic wands do. Rimmel Rockin’ Curves mascara has a twisted, s-shape brush that wings the outer lashes out to the sides for dramatic flare. It almost looks as though I’m wearing winged eyeliner! The Lash Sensational has been my go-to mascara for several months now, but after seeing it in comparison to the other two curved wands, I am not so sure anymore! The Lancome Hypnose Drama wins this wand battle hands down.


The Goal: Dramatic Lashes

Asymmetrical mascara wands have unique curves and contours that shape your lashes in unexpected ways!The Jose Maran Black Oil mascara is made with Moroccan Oil, so it layers on smoothly without clumping. The bumpy brush lifts up the lashes for a little extra volume, much like the Givenchy Noir Couture wand. I was pleasantly surprised by the major curl that was created by the short, straight wand of the Sephora mascara. The bristles are very close to the center of the wand, and distribute lots of product onto the lashes for a bold look. The Givenchy Phenomen’eyes spiky dome-shaped wand is one of my favorites. I don’t typically use it on its own, as the brush doesn’t really give you the same lift as a longer wand, but it’s perfect for finishing touches and getting into small corners. You’d be surprised by all of the little lashes that get missed with regular mascara wands!


After this experiment, I have learned that curved mascara wands definitely work best for my lashes. But as you can see, finding your perfect mascara is all about trial and error!

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