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Beauty Review: T3 ManeTamer Professional Straightening Iron

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T3 ManeTamer Professional Straightening Iron (for unruly hair)

t3 straightener T3 ManeTamer

Where to buy: Sephora

How much you’ll spend: $200

What they promise: For thick, coarse, wavy or curly hair—The T3 ManeTamer straightens the most unruly hair types that resist ordinary irons. Optional wet hair usage for maximum straightening.

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T3 ManeTamer Professional Straightening Iron for Unruly Hair
Easy to use
Fulfills purpose
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I really like this straightener.  It is considerably lighter weight than my old one and I have found that this makes it much more managable and easier to use.

It was much faster than I’m used to and I love that. The setting for different hair types is very obvious and it was simple to figure out the best one for me.

However, it does claim that it can straighten wet hair and, although it can, I wouldn’t recommend doing it. I tried it this morning with less than positive results. It took many (maybe 7 or 8) times through to get the job done and, not surprisingly, left my hair feeling “fried.” It might be okay with slightly damp hair.

Overall, I am very happy with T3 ManeTamer Hair Straightener and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it!

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