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Beauty Review: WEN Cleansing Conditioner

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WEN Cleansing Conditioner

Wen Cleansing Conditioner

Where to buy: online

How much you’ll spend: $33 (for the 30-day supply, which also includes Style Creme, Texture Balm, Shower Tooth Comb and ReMoist Hair Repair Mask)

What they promise: A 5-in-1 formula, this one product takes the place of your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler and leave-in conditioner. It cleanses hair thoroughly but without lathering and all the harsh ingredients that may be found in ordinary shampoos—it is designed so it won’t strip your hair and scalp of their natural oils. Your hair is left with sheen, moisture, manageability and better color retention.

Hair Care
WEN Cleansing Conditioner
Fulfills purpose
Works for everyone
BONUS: Eco-friendly
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I absolutely love this product! Not only does it smell sensational–sweet almond mint–but it left my hair super-soft and light. And, the lighter your hair, the more volume and bounce it has. You can really feel how natural this product is.

Key ingredients like sweet almond oil, chamomile extract and cherry bark give it a definite eco-friendly bonus.

I’m not sure it would work for everyone: I have normal-dry hair and usually only wash my hair every 4-5 days–so if you have naturally oily hair, this probably isn’t for you. Because it is a conditioner and not a shampoo that will remove the oil from your hair, I found it worked best if I alternated washing my hair with WEN and then the next time with regular shampoo and conditioner–this way, my hair kept a lot of its natural oils, without becoming out-of-control oily.

The price is a bit steep compared to what you would pay for something at the drug store, but it’s a worthy investment for those looking for a natural alternative in hair care.

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