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Bella Hadid Is Ready To Donate Some Of Her Fave Kicks

Bella Hadid knows that a girl loves her shoes, but is there really such a thing as too many pairs? The Nike brand ambassador tells Coveteur Magazine, “I have a lot of sneakers. I probably have 50 pairs!” Come to think of it, while we’ve seen Bella rock traditional heels at many of her modeling events, we have seen her out and about in plenty of running shoes as well.

She tells the magazine, “When I started working with Nike, I would ask them and they would send me a mass amount of sneakers. I need to start donating them, I feel bad for having that many.”

Bella might not need so many pairs of shoes, but she certainly appreciates the quality of a good pair. She reportedly says, “What is so cool about them, especially being a girl, I think it is so dope to see a girl in really amazing sneakers. It is sporty, but very cute and sexy, to have a woman wearing sneakers.”

And that is how you know Nike made a great choice hiring Bella to be their brand ambassador. Nice work, Bella!

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