Australian Ben Lee Is Making Waves

ben lee

Cute Australian singer/songwriter Ben Lee has been in the music biz a long time (12 years, he tells me), and now he’s making waves in North America, thanks to his latest album, Awake Is The New Sleep, released this past spring. Awake’s lead single, “Catch My Disease”, is an upbeat tune that reminds you of a happy day, accompanied by an equally happy video. Standout tracks also include “Gamble Everything For Love” and “Whatever It Is”. Awake is obviously a personal album for this seasoned artist.

“The only way to write [songs is] from your own experiences,” he says. And although he’s been in the business for years, this boy, who is a self-confessed professional adventurer, is not jaded. In fact, he is unbelievably humble and seems to take life as it comes.

Lee, who once dated Claire Danes, is in the midst of a massive worldwide tour. He hit Canada with Sam Roberts this past spring before heading to the United States with Dashboard Confessional in the early summer. “It’s good to tour with handsome people because you get that glamour-by-association thing when you’re with a handsome posse,” he jokes.

The artist: Ben Lee, 28, was first noticed by the Beastie Boys when he was just a teenager. He released his first album, Grandpaw Would, on their Grand Royal label in 1994.

Right now: Lee returned to Canada in August for Montreal’s Hot Air Balloon Festival.

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