The Benefits Of Online Summer School For Canadian Teens

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Is there a more exciting time in Canada than late June? Sweaters head into storage as the weather really starts to warm up. There is a palpable sense of excitement in the air with Canada Day preparations well underway. And, for many Canadian students, the end of June signals the beginning of a two-month-long break from the books. Usually.

While students certainly deserve a vacation (especially after this trying past year), they can benefit from academic structure throughout the summer months. Online summer school is the perfect compromise – it is flexible enough to afford your teen a relaxing summer while still advancing their education.

In this post, let’s explore a few benefits of online summer school. If you think online summer classes might be suitable for your teen, sit down with them and discuss the advantages below. Then, explore the available online high school courses in Ontario to get started.

Beat the Summer Slide

“Summer slide” (sometimes called the “summer slump”) is a term used in education to describe the loss of academic skills and knowledge during the summer break. It is a widely noted phenomenon that applies to all ages. Still, it can be particularly unfortunate for older teens who face the prospect of securing a secondary education acceptance in the near future.

While there are several ways to reverse the summer slide (encouraging healthy reading habits is always a great idea!), perhaps the best way is to enroll in online summer classes. Focus on the credits they need or reinforce core subjects like math and English.

Play Catch-Up after an Unconventional Year

This past school year was anything but ordinary. The shift back and forth between in-class learning and hastily designed online learning left some students with a case of academic whiplash.

While it’s important to have a period of rest after a tough year, you also want to ensure that your teen is meeting their academic goals – that they aren’t just ticking courses off their list, but retaining that knowledge too. Online summer school is a fantastic opportunity to play catch-up after an unconventional year.

Get a Head Start

Online summer school isn’t just for catching up; it’s also a great way to get a head start. If your teen wants to graduate early, or complete required courses in advance so they can lighten their academic load in the fall, an accredited online school can help.

Earn Credits While Still Enjoying the Summer

Crucially, online education is flexible. Your teen can self-pace their coursework and study whenever they want. If they want to keep days free for hanging out with friends, they can. If they want to keep weekends free to spend time at the grandparents’ cottage, they can. Unlike brick-and-mortar schools, online schools do not require a set daily schedule, meaning your teen will still have an enjoyable summer.

Reading outside

Talk it over with your teen. Perhaps online education isn’t right for them, or they would strongly prefer a summer free of obligations. As you can see from the benefits above, it’s at least worth discussing.

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