5 Benefits Of Using Training Collars For Stubborn Dogs

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For your dog to be well behaved around strangers and other pets, he is going to need consistent training. On the other hand, training a stubborn dog can make your head spin. This is because your canine student could go astray or be unruly while learning how to obey commands. In fact, verbal utterances don’t make sense to such a dog. They actually behave like they are deaf. While punishing a stubborn dog might seem like the easier option, it can affect your training sessions negatively. That’s why most professional dog trainers prefer to use training collars. In a nutshell, these collars produce a mild electric shock that’s meant to discourage a dog from behaving in an irritating manner. The collar is linked to a hand-held remote control that enables the trainer to operate it when he is several yards away from the dog. Continue reading below to learn why you should invest in the best electric dog collars for your forthcoming training sessions.

#1 No need to use a leash

Most people will tell you to use a leash when training a stubborn dog. The problem is that a leash is cumbersome to use because you will have to keep following the dog around. Besides that, the dog might be tempted to keep pulling. Such a limitation can slow down the learning process. With an electronic collar, you will not need to go where your furry friend goes. This is because the device allows you to tame him from a distance. Even when both of you are not in close proximity, you will still be able to instill discipline on your dog without harming him. For instance, if the dog leaves you at the driveway and dashes to the backyard, you can make him get out of there at the press of a button.

#2 No need for verbal orders

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A stubborn dog can make you shout at the top of your lungs especially when you see him heading into trouble. In fact, verbal orders fail miserably when they are used on a dog that’s troublesome. In such a case, it’s important you use an electric collar to make the dog understand that you are the one that calls the shots during training sessions. A mild electric shock is enough to tame a dog that doesn’t listen to anything that you say. Since the shock is only activated when you press a button on the remote control, you can be sure that it’s not life threatening. Besides that, you can adjust the magnitude of the shock according to the size of the dog.

#3 Requires minimal supervision

Having to monitor your dog all the time is stressful. This is because the dog will get into mischief the moment your attention is stolen by something else. Since an electric collar is designed to be programmable, you can still use it to restrict the behavior of the dog even when you are not at home. For instance, you can set the shock to be triggered whenever the dog becomes aggressive towards other pets in your home. You can also configure the shock to go off when the dog attempts to exceed a certain distance within your home compound.

#4 Affordable

Although there are some collar brands that cost an arm and a leg, you can still get a collar that’s efficient without straining your finances. The price of a collar is usually determined by the features that it has and the type of materials that are used to make it. And for the sake of setting the record straight, just know you will not get anything that’s less of what you paid for. If you want top of the range experience, you must be prepared to pay much more. Fortunately, you can always negotiate for a discount to ensure that your dog remains safe even in your absence. You can also compare prices of different stores and buy from the one that’s gentle on your pockets.

#5 Strengthens the bond between owner and dog


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Every dog is supposed to follow the instructions of its owner. However, a stubborn dog is usually less concerned about what the trainer wants it to do. When your dog ignores the commands you give it, you can be tempted to reprimand him as a way of expressing your frustration. The problem with this approach of punishment is that it tears apart the bondage you have with the canine. But when the dog wears an electric collar it will not know that you are the one that punish it, meaning it will come back to you when it feels overwhelmed or disappointed.

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