The Best Advice Comes From People Who Know You

Your peers might know you better than yourself

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The fact is that peers often know you better than you know your own self. It is an old adage and it is really true. You may be your own worst critic. If you ask your friends and family what they think about you, you are likely to find out the most authentic answer to the question because they’re listening to your wants and needs when you converse with them.

Since your friends, family and loved ones know you better than you know your own self, it is important that you go to them for advice, information, and help in making critical life decisions. They might know you are interested in the stock market and suggest that you attend a stock investor workshop.

Here are three ways that getting information from people who know your interests are helpful.

An Objective Eye

People who know your interests see you through an objective lens. They are not as critical of you as you are of yourself. They see your accomplishments, your hopes, and the way that you have succeeded in meeting your previous goals. Those who know your interests see you without a skewed perspective because they are truly invested in your success. They take the information you give them with a grain of salt.

Because those who know your interests are reflecting upon your personal world from an outside perspective, they are able to offer you new ideas. For example, if you are looking to start your own business and you are interested in sewing, your friends and family might be able to give you advice on how to do so. While you may have a limited amount of ideas in your head about different business ideas relating to sewing, your friends and family together have a handful more ideas that could possibly appeal to you.

Besides being a seamstress, they could suggest reupholstering as a business or costume fabrication. They say that it takes a village to raise a child and that two heads are better than one. These expressions ring true because when you gather together the opinions of many people, it is brainstorming that can yield fabulous results.

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Never underestimate the value of an objective opinion. When your mind is free of biases, you are able to come up with more ideas and you are able to scrutinize them from a more intelligent standpoint. This can lead to great business success.

Know Thyself

People who know your interests can help you to get to know yourself better. Much self-help is done with the reflection of a mirror. This is a common self-help strategy that assists the individual in being able to scrutinize themselves without personal biases. Think of your friends and family as a mirror.

They listen to your opinions and interests, and then they reflect back to you what they have heard. They help you get to know yourself better because they process the information you’ve given them and offer you solutions. Friends and family who know what you’re interested in are able to work with you to come up with ideas that can improve your quality of life.

Business Ideas

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If you run your own small business, it’s likely that you chose the subject of your small business based on your own personal interest. When you get information from your friends and family, they will educate you about subjects relevant to your own interests. They will probably do their own personal research on topics relevant to your business interests and share the information they find with you in order to help you.

Friends and family might research information about your business interests via the Internet or the library. Because they know the topic of your business and your interest, they can choose to research books and periodicals about that subject. They can share that information with you in order to help you grow your business.

For example, if you own a pet grooming business, your friends and family can do research about different breeds of dogs. They can find out which breeds of dogs are most vulnerable to skin allergies and which require you to use hypoallergenic soap. They can share that information with you because they care and this can help to further your business success. Ideally, you should run a business that caters to your personal interests.



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