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Best Bachelorette Party Ideas In Winnipeg

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Your close friend is having one of the most exciting events in her life: she’s getting married! Before she officially ties the knot with her new hubby she must have an awesome bachelorette party with her best friends. First of all, you’ll need to think about what your soon-to-be married friend likes. A thoughtful friend always keeps the bride’s preferences and personality in mind. Therefore, we suggest meeting the bride-to-be to find out what her wishes are. This isn’t a stag party, where often the aim is to embarrass the nearlywed. The goal is to plan a bachelorette that focuses on making the bride happy and bringing the bridal squad closer together.

Winnipeg might not be the first destination that comes to mind when planning an amazing bachelorette party. But we’re here to prove you wrong! Here’s a few ideas for you to throw an incredible bachelorette in Winnipeg which everyone will have fond memories of for the rest of their lives.

A night of gambling

Nothing says a fun bachelorette party with Las Vegas vibes like a good night out of gambling. In Winnipeg, there are 3 land based casinos that are ready to host your bachelorette outing. Club Regent, McPhillips Station Casinos and the Shark Club Gaming Centre are all located in the centre of Winnipeg.

Of course, you can have a fantastic casino night from the comfort of your own home as well. There are loads of sites in Canada where you can play – with $10 deposit casinos being popular so you can get started with a small amount of money. Just gather your bride tribe and enjoy playing a wide variety of casino games such as slots, poker, roulette, blackjack and tons of other fun games! Make the evening complete with a few casino party elements and some fancy mimosas. Go easy on the drinks, though! At least before and during playing, as it is not recommended to play casino games when being drunk.

Pole Dancing, Chair & Burlesque Dancing

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Get flirty and fierce, while learning sensual moves that will make you feel sexy and empowered! At Vivacity in Winnie, you can book pole, chair and burlesque dancing classes privately with your bride squad. The entire studio will be reserved just for you, with your own skilled instructor. You’ll learn to parade like a diva, spin around the pole, shake your hips and captivate those around you, in an entertaining and supportive ambiance. You’ll be taught a routine any woman can pull off.

There are different types of packages available for bachelorette parties. We would recommend the Vixen Package which has everything you need for a great girls night of fun! Out of the three options, you can choose two sassy dance routines: Pole, Burlesque and Chair Dancing. It includes a 1 hour and 30 minute party with an instructor whose vibrant energy will radiate over everyone in the group. There will be photos taken of you and the whole group in the studio costumes and every one will get a special gift. We couldn’t think of anything more fun than learning new dance skills and showing your friends your best moves.

Themed photo shoots

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Another perfect hen party idea in Winnipeg is a vintage themed photo shoot. Your girl gang can dress up and pose in an iconic setting. Ever wondered what your mugshot would look like? You can find out – without getting arrested! Or why not go back to the golden age of the Old Hollywood era and dress up like a retro 40’s Hollywood actress? At Vintage and Vogue Photography in Winnipeg, you can choose between several themes: pin-up, old Hollywood, 1920s Flapper and mug shots are the standard concepts but you are free to discuss your own topic with the photographer. You get to benefit from the free use of themed props, outfits and accessories. There are two different packages available that both include photos of you and the whole group.

Bar hopping and clubbing

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Paint the town red and make sure everyone knows your friend is getting married! Having a white veil for the bride, a few photo props and some cool apparel for the bridesmaids (matching hats, sweaters,…) is essential. So get the whole bride and tribe some traditional bachelorette party gadgets to add some extra fun. Make your bride-to-be friend do some funny tasks around the city first and then enjoy Winnipegs’ nightlife. Winnipeg has some fantastic bars and clubs your girl squad can enjoy.

To start off, we can recommend some drinks at the casual LA ROCA Loungeclub to then head over to Cowboy where you can show each other your best dance moves to clubs’ country music. After that, we suggest going clubbing at either Fame or World Famous Palomino Club. If you’re into karaoke, which is another hen party-classic, some of the hot spots are The Karaoke Squad and 8KKM Karaoke.

Relaxing at a Spa

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Not exactly your typical idea of a bachelorette party, but some brides prefer a more low-key and relaxed get-together with their closest friends. Spending some hours in the hot tub while being treated to a massage is the ultimate way to do that. Perhaps it could be part-two of the whole celebration, as a way of detoxing from the night before. It would surely make some extra quality time with the whole group, talking and laughing together about the events that happened the previous night. Winnipeg has some great spas where you can unwind and get pampered, such as Thermëa by Nordik Spa Nature. Getting one of their urban detox facial treatments will surely guarantee everyone will look their most beautiful on the big wedding day!

Bachelorette Movie Marathon

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Another one for the bride who prefers to take it easy or as a warming-up to other activities and getting inspiration for the big day. You cannot skip watching the ultimate bachelorette movies. These bridesmaid and bachelorette party-themed comedies will surely make everyone burst out laughing many times! Have an old-school sleepover in which you order some delicious food from a fancy place, make some girly cocktails at home and enjoy a fantastic girls night while watching these hilarious movies.

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