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The Best Birthday Presents To Get Your Dog

this is a puppy dog
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It is official that humans love their dogs more than they love other humans, according to a study which was published in the journal Society and Animals.

Discover the best birthday present ideas that you can get your furry friend and treat them to something special this year.

#1 Dog Toys

There are thousands of dog toys available, from balls to squeaky toys, and from frisbees to pull toys.

So find one that is unique to your doggo, for instance if your dog particularly enjoys chasing rabbits, get them a toy rabbit.

Or maybe your dog is more interested in running after balls and playing fetch? If so, you need to get them a brand new ball and a dog ball launcher.

Whatever toy you get your dog, he/she will definitely love playing with it and playing with you.

#2 A Cosy New Bed

Upgrade your dog’s sleeping arrangements. There’s many different options available depending on what your dog needs. Choose from a large comfortable and soft bed, or treat them to a heated dog’s bed.

Nothing says I love you to your dog more than getting them a new large comfortable and soft bed. After all, your dog will love resting on the bed after long walks with their favourite human.

#3 Doggy Treats

Treat your dog to something a little special for their birthday, by getting them some tasty treats that they don’t usually have. There’s a whole range of different treats that you can buy, from dog bones, to chew sticks (check out MyPetNeedsThat for a nice selection ).

Just make sure you keep the treats out of reach and you only give your dog a treat or two a day.

#4 A Photoshoot

This is probably more for your benefit than it is theirs, but who cares you get professional photographs of your favourite furry friend.

Spend the day with your pooch and a photographer and create some snaps that will last a lifetime. Your dog will love being centre of attention and you can always give them a treat at the end of the day for being such a good boy/girl.

Puppy Photoshoot
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#5 Birthday Cake or Birthday Beer

What kind of birthday doesn’t have a birthday cake or a birthday beer? Yes, it is possible to purchase your dog a birthday cake and/or a birthday beer.

Neither cake nor beer are harmful to your dog, relax there’s no alcohol in the beer! So celebrate your dog with cake or beer this year.

Get the Best Gift For Your Furry Friend

What is the best gift of all? “Your dog will love spending a day with you,” says Stephanie Tenaille of, “so take your pooch out on a long hike, or have a wild walk in the woods.”

So there you have it, a complete list of incredible birthday gifts that you can give your dog for his or her birthday.

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