7 Best CBD Dog Treats For Anxiety

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Many of us are aware of the benefits that have been found in using CBD to treat anxiety issues in people, but did you know that CBD treats for dogs can have a similar effect? It’s true! CBD can be a great way to help dogs that suffer from anxiety or separation issues and its use can have the added benefit of reducing joint pain or inflammation.

With each animal’s physiology differing widely, and so many CBD products for dogs on the market, the problem can often be trying to find a CBD treat that will actually work for your pet. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of the seven best CBD dog treats for anxiety below. Together we will look at the pertinent details for each product and provide a little of what we like and don’t like about them separately. So, be sure to read on as we look at the seven best CBD dog treats for anxiety next.

Joy Organics CBD Dog Treats

As a part of Joy Organics’ pet label, Joy Pet Care, the company has become one of the most reputable providers of CBD products for pets on the market today. The brand focuses on using only the highest quality products that are always free of THC and sourced from Hemp grown in the United States. A jar contains 30 pieces, making this product a great value for the money.

What to like about it: These beef-flavored treats are easy to dose, with each CBD dog chew containing 2mg of CBD, a low enough amount to make this suitable for almost any type of dog.

What not to like about it: These chews are not as fast-acting as a tincture can be, as they are first absorbed by the dog’s digestive system before taking effect upon entering their bloodstream.

Joy Organics Premium CBD Tincture for Dogs, Cats & Pets

Another great choice for pet owners from Joy Organics is this tincture. The tincture is an economical choice as a single 30ml bottle contains 450mg of CBD. Best of all, as with all Joy Organics products, dog owners can rest easy knowing their pup is safe and there is 0.0% THC present in the tincture.

What to like about it: The formula makes this CBD tincture a great option for households that have more than just dogs for furry companions, as it is suitable for cats and other types of pets as well.

What not to like about it: While dosing is made easier thanks to the included dropper, it can still be overly confusing for those that are new to dosing CBD oil for pets.

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Honest Paws Calm Soft Chews

Honest Paws has a variety of CBD products designed for different doggy issues, with one specifically designed to calm anxious dogs. The chew is formulated with several terpenes that are supposed to help calm stressed-out pups, such as Linalool, Limonene, and Myrcene.

What to like about it: The peanut butter flavor is very alluring to even usually picky puppies.

What not to like about it: While THC is limited to 0.03% or less, it’s still present in these chews. This concerns some pet parents due to the potentially mind-altering results that THC may get your dog “high” and make any anxiety they have worse.

HolistaPet CBD Dog Treats

If you are looking for a treat to help calm down a stressed-out dog during your next thunderstorm, one of these CBD dog treats from HolistPet might just do the trick. These treats are vegan and made from 100% natural ingredients and use hemp that is suitable for human consumption.

What to like about it: The use of additional calming ingredients, such as chamomile, that are secondary to CBD but also help further alleviate your pup’s aggression and anxiety.

What not to like about it: Dosing instructions are vague and at 5mg of CBD per treat, they are also very potent.

PETLYcbd CBD Pet Chews

These CBD pet chews from PETLYcbd are not only for dogs, which makes them a great choice for multi-species households. Each treat uses only organically grown hemp that is THC-free, grain-free, and uses only non-GMO ingredients. There are 2mg of CBD per chew and the treats come in a beef flavor your dog is sure to find tantalizing.

What to like about it: The broad-spectrum formulation contains a small 2mg amount of CBD per chew, which is perfect for those that are just starting their pup on a CBD treat regimen or for dogs that may be sensitive to large amounts of CBD.

What not to like about it: With only 25 chews per bag, there are more cost-effective choices on this list.


JUSTCBD JustPets CBD Dog Treats

JUSTCBD’s pet offshoot, JustPets, is responsible for these CBD dog treats that are beef flavored and come shaped like adorable little slabs of steak. Also available as chicken meatballs, these treats use only USA grown hemp and other natural ingredients.

What to like about it: The flavors make these CBD treats easy to transition to from other snacks your dog may be more familiar with.

What not to like about it: Dosing instructions are intentionally vague. Additionally, the unique shape of the steak bites makes them less uniform and thus harder to consistently dose.

Wisely Organic Coconut Oil with CBD

If your pup is picky when it comes to flavors and smells, they may not be a fan of the somewhat “grassy” nature of many CBD oils. If this is the case for your dog, try a CBD oil that is made with coconut oil. Not only do most puppies find the flavor irresistible, but some claim that coconut oil also helps with metabolizing the CBD and that it even has additional healthy properties thanks to the medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) that are naturally present in the fat of coconut oil.

What to like about it: This coconut oil can be easily administered by either mixing it into kibble or rubbed onto paw pads to be licked off later.

What not to like about it: Dosing can be difficult to figure out and the instructions for doing so are vague.

There’s Always Help Available

So, if your dog has displayed anxiety issues and other treatments don’t seem to be working, hope the case has been made for giving any of the seven above CBD treats a try. These treats are a great way to use your dog’s natural cannabidiol receiving system to help speed relief from anxiety to them.

We hope you enjoyed learning about CBD dog treats to help with anxiety and that you learned something new along the way. Did you notice a CBD dog treat that we missed that you think is fantastic? Have more questions about CBD for dogs? Feel free to reach out, we are always here to listen! And, as always, thank you for reading!

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