Best Free iPhone Apps Of 2019

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If you’ve just bought a new iPhone or just simply need to refresh apps on your old one, you’ve come to the right place. There are over a million apps on the AppStore and it’s difficult to choose the best one. We have compiled a list of the best iPhone apps of 2019 for most iPhone models.

Apart from using your iPhone to play mobile sports bet games, you can download and enjoy the following best free iPhone apps of 2019.


All iPhones come with a native e-mail client. However, it doesn’t have many features. This is why you should get Gmail, which is the most widely used e-mail client. Among the many features that Gmail offers are the following:

  • Organising your e-mail account
  • Undoing sent messages
  • Switch between multiple e-mail services
  • Push notifications


Chrome is an alternative for Apple’s Safari browser. This amazing browser from Google syncs via your Gmail account across all platforms which allows you to:

  • Browse history
  • See all saved passwords
  • See all bookmarks on all devices that you’re using

Google Calendar

Google calendar can be used with a Google account. This will make it easier to schedule events, set reminders and keep a tab on all upcoming events. It also allows you to sync across all platforms, casino games online app and services.


AccuWeather is an accurate app that allows you to check the weather in real time. Also, it will send notifications before that rain starts.

Accuweather app iphone

Google Maps

When it comes to navigation and showing traffic, Apple Maps is not as good as Google Maps. This reliable app shows data in real time, including traffic updates, estimated time of arrival as well as nearby updates.


This app is very user-friendly and features some rich photo editing apps. It will allow you to edit your photos, offering you quick editing tools and filters. It also comes with features such as white balance, RAW editing and curve tool.

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