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Trying to find a new game to play with your friends? The most incredible online games on our list are ideal for friendly competition and teamwork, so you’ve come to the right place. There is something for everyone here, whether you’re searching for somewhere to socialize or some of the best multiplayer games to test your talents.

Online games are unquestionably the next step in the growth of gaming that has taken place over the years. While single-player games have consistently given players a memorable experience, online games have the extra benefit of giving players a new experience because they now enable real-time play with friends. Nothing quite beats the thrill of being in the moment. Whether watching a live football game, playing livedealer games at a casino or playing live online games, the feeling of something being live is like no other. So, without further ado, we bring you the best online games to play live.


Millions of daily active players continue to play Epic’s family-friendly battle royale game. The game offers dozens of challenges for players to take on and overcome while some players concentrate on earning their next Victory Royale. However, it will never get boring because the game constantly changes and the map is updated frequently.

Do you recall playing snake on your unbreakable Nokia phone? In this variation, you are vying with other neon snakes for domination rather than just being a simple snake. It’s a fantastic pleasure for people who enjoy some competitiveness, thanks to the fun gameplay! To consume the cubes that appear as one snake dies and becomes longer, beam across the field. Avoid colliding with other snakes to avoid turning into cubes and having to respawn in your original size. Instead, slither with other neon snakes to increase your speed. This results in electrical impulses that give you speed so you can slither into other snakes!

Game of Bombs

The parallels to Bomberman are not coincidental, although the PC version of the famous couch co-op game took a while to get released. Luckily, Game of Bombs filled that void and now successfully reproduces the entertaining game mechanics of the original. You might even prefer Game of Bombs based on what Bomberman fans think of the official releases accessible on Steam, but it’s not a competition! Not only is Game of Bombs an excellent Bomberman game, but it’s also an excellent multiplayer Bomberman game that makes it simple to play on a giant board against numerous other players. As a result, Game of Bombs is your best option if you’re searching for something to pick up for a few entertaining, intense gaming sessions.

Among Us

Among Us is more of a sociological experiment. As crew members working together to repair a starship, you and your friends are being picked out by some gamers who are actually dangerous impostors. Even the friendliest relationships can devolve into total paranoia when constant lying and manipulation occur.


Thrilling 5-v-5 action game Valorant was inspired by classics such as the immensely popular Counter-Strike by Valve and the battle royale game Overwatch by Blizzard. It requires teamwork and proper strategy. You can play the many Valorant game modes with up to five of your pals at once. The main goal for you and your teammates is to eliminate the opposing team on the server by taking out every member of that team and accumulating rounds, regardless of the mode. The fundamental aspect of Valorant is that you will require a strong aim and proper understanding of the various maps in which the game is played, even though there are many other components and factors in play.

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With a sizable fan base, 2017’s PUBG, which was inspired by the 2015 battle royale H1Z1, is still one of the most-played online games in 2023. With over 100 million players, PUBG has taken the internet by storm. The aesthetics and realistic setting make this game highly popular. It can also support up to 99 people at once. If the players survive and eliminate every hidden enemy, they win.

Call of Duty: Warzone

The Modern Warfare world is the backdrop for this free-to-play combat royale. No matter how many friends you have, there is room for them in Call of Duty: Warzone because up to 150 players can participate in single combat. In this thrilling first-person shooter, you get to team up with three allies and take on enemy teams.

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Final thoughts

Before the internet and smartphones, gaming was a much more specialized pastime, but now practically everyone engages in it occasionally. Playing online games can be an excellent opportunity to spend time with close friends and family or show off your gaming skills to a complete stranger. Regardless of your reasons for playing, do it live and enhance your experience.

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