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Best Places To Stay While In Dubrovnik Croatia

Here’s a quick guide to the best places to stay while in Dubrovnik Croatia


Following the end of the Croatian War of Independence in 1995 the beautiful and historic city of Dubrovnik was lovingly rebuilt and repaired, ready once again to welcome people to this magical jewel in Croatia’s crown. These days it attracts plenty of tourists from around the world and consequently, there are lots of different places to stay in all areas of the city.

Where is best to stay?

If you are unfamiliar with Dubrovnik it may be a little tricky to pick out the perfect accommodation for your needs, which is why we’ve put together this handy guide on choosing a place to stay. When you are ready to look at making a final choice the broke backpacker helps you choose where to stay in Dubrovnik, but before that point it is worth looking at what each of its several districts has to offer, and who they generally both cater for and appeal to.

The Old Town

Dubrovnik Old Town

As the name suggests, this is the most historic part of town, and most of the cities’ main tourist attractions can be found there, along with many streets of cafes, restaurants, bars and shops. Being right in the main action tends to mean higher prices and perhaps smaller rooms without balconies, as well as more noise.

You can get a bigger place, for less cash and less noise if you are prepared to pick a place just outside the centre.  Some people recommend this as the best place to visit for your first trip simply because there’s a lot to do right on your doorstep.

As it is a popular tourist area there are different price point options, from top end hotels to value backpacker hostel to choose between.


Dubrovnik Gruz

Gruz isn’t far from the action but it is a largely residential area, so it’s altogether cheaper, and quieter, than many places. This is the best destination for those who resist playing the tourist role when abroad, preferring to shop and eat locally and get to know more about everyday culture at the destination.

This is why people travelling on a budget tend to like this area. It’s unpretentious, with a lot of students and working class residents and down to earth eateries selling traditional Croatian food. Enjoy the history, the ancient churches, hop a water taxi for a fun ride, sample local beers, and trek to the beach at Luka Gruz.


Dubrovnik Ploce

Located to the east of Old Town this town sports a beach, amazing scenery, top end hotels and a very cool vibe. This trendy area isn’t far from the main attractions, but it has its own too, in the form of high class restaurants, busy and oh so clean beaches and plenty of musical and artsy venues.

Your preferences, budget and personal interest will be what guide your choices when it comes to selecting a place to stay, but the entire process is much easier when you have an idea of what the different areas of the city have to offer.

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