Best Practices For Watering Your Garden

watering your garden
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Water is vital to gardening, whether growing a rich landscape in the suburbs of Canada or nurturing a container-grown plant in an apartment in cities like Toronto and Vancouver. Plants need water to thrive, and doing it wrong may kill them.

But how much water do they need exactly? If you’re a newbie grower wanting to develop a beautiful landscape or potted plants, these are the essential know-how for watering them.

Best Time To Water Plants

Early morning between five to ten in the morning, when the sunlight’s still at its weakest, is the best time to water your plants. During this time, the ground is cool and will have a lot of time to dry before dawn. Never water at nighttime because wet foliage will attract pests and other issues like fungus and diseases.

Proper Way To Water Plants

Water the plants directly at their base and not overhead to ensure the water reaches the roots. Avoid watering the foliage, too, to prevent fungus and pests.

The ideal amount should be an inch of water per week, especially during dry spells. It takes around 90 minutes to provide such an amount if you’re using sprinklers. Remember that overwatering will affect root growth, which, in extreme cases, could kill your foliage.

These are watering practices for various plants:


A watering wand is ideal for annual and perennial flowers in containers and on the ground. Watering wands provide a gentle rain-like spray that waters the plants without blasting or damaging the foliage and its seedlings.

Trees and Shrubs

Always water directly every seven to ten days for trees and shrubs, especially newly-planted ones. Sprinklers and irrigation systems may not reach the base of trees and shrubs. That’s why you need to do it manually.

Potted Plants

Water container-grown plants at least once a day on hot days. One way to determine your plant’s state is to stick a finger at least two to three inches into the soil and see if it feels dry to the touch. If it is, then you need to water the plant. The soil in potted plants may dry faster than garden soil because the confined space of the container may hold heat.

Correct Way To Use a Sprinkler

Use irrigation systems with grounded fixtures to ensure the water seeps in efficiently underground. If you’re going with sprinklers, go with those that allow you to change the patterns of the water. You can find various service providers that offer quality sprinklers everywhere in Canada, which is great news. For instance, if you’re looking for Etobicoke lawn sprinkler services in Ontario or any other suburban area, you’ll get a system that provides different patterns for various lawn sizes.

Using Mulch

Adding mulch helps maintain moisture in the soil and cool the ground, among other uses. Applying several inches of mulch on beds and containers helps slow the evaporation process from the ground and retain as much moisture as possible.

A Root Solution: Water the Right Way

Water is essential for plants to thrive no matter where and what you’re growing. These tips may be challenging to some, but they ensure that plants get sufficient water. Doing so will make sure your collections grow fruitfully and beautifully.

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