The Best Science Fiction & Fantasy Books For Your Kindle

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There’s always a time and place for reading horror, romance, or even important history books, but sometimes we simply want to get lost in a fantasy world for a few hours! Whether it’s Frodo and Sam’s trek to Mount Doom, Harry Potter’s search for Horcruxes, or Jon Snow’s fight with the White Walkers, these beautiful stories take us worlds away from our own and keep us entertained, shocked, and moved.

If you’re a fan of the Kindle, then you’ve always got hundreds of great sci-fi and fantasy books right at your fingertips, and these are often cheaper than buying the physical book. One thing that’s been a bit of a recent game-changer is the Amazon Echo’s option to read out Kindle books. You won’t even need an Audible account to hear stories read out loud now, as the virtual assistant, Alexa, will read out any Kindle story you ask it to. Definitely one of the best Alexa skills available, the feature is useful for times when you want to hear a story but need to complete a household chore.

Skyward by Brandon Sanderson

Skyward is the tale of wannabe fighter pilot, Spensa, a young girl who dreams of joining her local fleet to help protect the world from a relentless alien force. Her steadfastness and bravery are all well and good, but to be a pilot requires passing rigorous mental and physical exams at flight school. And then… there’s her past to deal with. Spensa is routinely called the “daughter of a traitor”, because her father – one of the best pilots in the world – was killed after mysteriously breaking ranks and fleeing an attack many years ago. Can a girl dream? Or can she make it a reality?

Skyward - Brandon Sanderson

Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve

Taking place hundreds of years into the future, Mortal Engines is a ripping adventure tale about vengeance and ambition, with thrilling action, tense drama, and interesting characters. In a world where cities are actually upgraded into giant machines with wheels, Mortal Engines follows Tom Natsworthy, a teenager living in London who gets caught up in the life of a mysterious and scarred girl, Hester Shaw, who plans on killing a famous and popular adventurer Tom idolizes. The two get into a lot more trouble than they can handle, but find that there is just as much kindness as there is danger along the way. Mortal Engines was made into a movie in 2018, yet was ripped apart by critics and wasn’t exactly a box office hit. Just ignore the film and get the book.

Philip Reeve Mortal Engines

Magician by Raymond E. Feist

A classic fantasy book if there ever was one, Magician tells us the story of childhood friends, Pug and Tomas. While Pug learns the craft of ancient and powerful magic, Tomas discovers long-lost armour and weapons that change him from being a great warrior into a nightmare on the battlefield. However, both will be required to play an important part in an upcoming war with another world – one that’s focused on dominating everyone and everything in theirs. Always gripping and featuring amazing ideas, Magician is one of the best page-turners in the fantasy and sci-fi genre.

Edward Feist - Magician

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