The Best Ways To Improve Testosterone Levels Naturally


Testosterone is a crucial hormone in male reproductive health and general health and wellbeing. This hormone is produced in the testicles in men while it is made in the ovaries in women. Despite testosterone being found in both men and women, it is mainly significant in men’s health and is produced at a significantly lower level in women. During puberty, it is the hormone that drives physical changes in boys, such as deepening the voice, muscle growth, and even hair growth. Average levels in adult males ensure sexual function, minimize disease risk, development, and general health.

Testosterone production in the body starts from birth and is also essential in the development and maturity of the male sex organs. This hormone is also linked to functions such as protection of sperms, increased sex drive, body fat distribution, and development of red blood cells. The testosterone levels must be maintained at an optimum, which can be achieved through supplements. However, there are numerous medically proven ways of naturally and safely increasing testosterone levels. Various online platforms offer sufficient information on how to boost testosterone levels. Some of these natural ways include the following.

Exercise and fitness

Studies have shown that people who exercise more often have higher testosterone levels. Physical activity ensures general body health, weight loss, and alertness; on the other hand, people with higher weight or obesity have been found to have low testosterone levels, which can be linked to lower energy levels. However, different training and exercise methods yield better results than others. These methods include high-intensity interval training, proven to boost hormone levels in the long term and short term.

Diet rich in proteins and carbs

While eating proteins alone does not guarantee increased testosterone levels, the protein intake ensures that the body can rebuild muscles and heal tears caused by an intense workout. Additionally, protein intake enhances weight reduction, directly linked to an increase in the body’s hormone levels. Carbs also provide energy increase in the body and achieve optimum health in the long term. It is also crucial to avoid overeating while eating balanced amounts of proteins and carbs, which causes disruptions in the production of testosterone in the body.

Minimizing stress levels

High-stress levels hinder the production of testosterone in the body due to the production of cortisol hormone. The two hormones are produced in a seesaw-like manner; thus, they should be balanced. Their show is directly linked to the level of stress levels. Therefore, individuals are advised to find ways of reducing extra stress in their lives.

Getting enough Vitamin D

Vitamin D is naturally produced by the body from exposure of the skin to sunlight. Among other benefits of Vitamin D is boosting the production of testosterone. It is essential to increase exposure to direct sunlight. Additionally, the vitamin can also be achieved through salmon, fortified milk, and cereals.

Avoiding alcohol and drug use

Alcohol and drugs hinder testosterone production in the body due to the adverse effects on glands that produce the hormone. Alcohol also leads to cell damage and hormonal imbalance, directly attributed to lowering testosterone levels. Avoiding such substances reduces the risk of low hormone levels and improves general body health and energy levels.

Getting enough sleep

alarm sleep conditions

Getting enough sleep is critical to the cell and muscle recovery process, especially for people who indulge in high-intensity activities such as intensive training. Sleep helps the body heal and cell growth which can be directly linked to the ability of the body to produce enough testosterone. It is also critical for people to get quality sleep besides getting more extended periods to rest. It has been proven that people who earn less than 5hrs of sleep a day have 15% lower testosterone levels. Therefore, it is advisable to get between 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily to achieve optimum hormone and chemical compositions in the body.

Optimum testosterone levels in the body have been vital in cell formation in the bone marrow, more robust bone structure, improving fat distribution, stronger muscles, increased alertness, and, most importantly, increased libido in adults. Based on its proven importance in the body, it is crucial to seek natural ways of improving its levels. Natural remedies are safer and inexpensive, making them easier to achieve. Additionally, most solutions are readily available and offer more benefits other than increasing testosterone levels. Such benefits include weight loss, boosting immunity, increased alertness, body fitness, and general wellness.

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