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Why Hockey Betting Is For Women As Well

Canada’s most prized sport and national treasure is no doubt hockey and you might think it is just a game for men, but you would be wrong. It is a fun, exciting, fast paced game and should be as accessible and enjoyable to women as it is to the guys!

Hockey team

Despite having an immense male following when it comes to both watching the game and to online betting and online gambling at many sites like UFAbet, it doesn’t attract the same waves of support from the ladies. Truth is, there are plenty of reputable sites out there that offer advice, tips, and insider information to help you make informed betting decisions and why should you not be entitled to a portion of the prize winnings on offer? Don’t be shy, log on, check out our tips below, and get involved in Canada’s national winter sport!

Here some online hockey betting tips:

What is Puck line betting

Puck line betting is a unique hockey bet, to put it into layman’s terms you are placing a wager that a set team will win by 2 goals, or another may lose by two goals, or take a total win. When it comes to hockey bets, make sure you read up around puck line betting and get your head around reading basic statistics.

NHL Stats

When It comes to reading what is on the screen the most common things fans look for are penalty minutes, the percentage of saves throughout the game and of course the number of goals scored and assisted. Online sportsbooks and casinos will seek out the top in these areas.It is also possible to sort the statistics through these top categories for example finding the team with the most penalties! You can also find individual hockey player statistics throughout the season that will help you make sure you are putting your hard-earned dollar on the best possible players!

Keep up to date with the news

It goes without saying that hockey is an intense, physical contact game. Goal keepers in particular must endure a whole team charging towards them and the result can take its toll in a higher number of injuries endured than other sports. Do your homework and check the players are fit and in good form. Just because they may be playing doesn’t necessarily mean they are in peak condition, this can also result in multiple lineup changes across the season.

What are the biggest games going?

There are no shortage of hockey games and teams out there, however for the novice it might be wiser to pick from some of the biggest games of the season to start with. For example the NHL Allstar game is one of the hockey world highlights featuring the hottest names in the hockey world and is a game that you really shouldn’t miss out on! This is the final game of the hockey season and drawns in a tremendous amount of  attention and support worldwide. A recent addition to the hockey calendar was the Winter Classic that has now cemented itself as a New Years day tradition. A twist on this match Is that is held outdoors rather than the typical indoor ice hockey rinks meaning that the players have to endure the coldest part of the year! A real test of physical and mental endurance for even the most seasoned NHL players.

So now you have a brief overview of the game and the ins and outs of hockey betting, you can definitely hold your own against the guys!

Hockey team

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