A Chat with BFF Authors Jenny Han & Siobhan Vivian


Jenny Han (author of The Summer I Turned Pretty) and Siobhan Vivian (author of Not That Kind of Girl) have been creating buzz with their latest book Burn for Burn—the first book of a new trilogy that features the collaboration of both authors.

Faze caught up with these two BFF’s in Toronto to talk about what it’s like to have a writing partner and what else we can expect from these talented gal pals.

Siobhan and Jenny with their fave issue of Faze

The two of you have published a handful of books on your own; would you say that writing with your BFF was an easier or harder process?

Jenny: I thought it was easier. Having somebody who has your back and very invested in the book, just as much as you are, makes all the difference. It’s just like having someone help you carry the load.

Siobhan: It gets lonely writing a book on your own. Even when you have a friend who is also a writer, it’s really just a lot of you toiling away, sadly, in your own mind. When you’re writing a book with your best friend … it’s just nice to have someone who’s helping you. It’s just another thing for two friends to talk about—or obsess over—when we eat dinner or go out for coffee.

Did your writing styles/habits clash? Was there anything you had to change while writing with a partner?

Siobhan: They didn’t clash so much. Instead, they fit together nicely like two puzzle pieces. We sort of figured out while working through things that Jenny is really great at characters—like building original characters that don’t feel like characters, they feel like real people.

Jenny: And Siobhan is really great at building stories.

Siobhan: I’m a plot girl; I love to imagine what’s going to happen and figuring it all out. Overall, I think it was a really nice match coming together. We could each bring our strengths to the table.

There are three very distinctive characters in Burn for Burn; which character would you want to be friends with?

Siobhan: I’m going to go with Kat because she is wild and she does cool stuff. She’s not afraid to have an adventure and get off Jar Island. She’s independent and does stuff that’s off the radar.

Jenny: I’d probably be friends with Kat too! Kat’s fun! She’s down for whatever, she’s tough and she’s got a good sense of humor.

Siobhan: But, if you were to be friends with Lilia, you’d have access to a nice pool, her horse, her clothes and her nail polish. Mary is sweet too. She’d be a good friend and keep all of your secrets—she’s very loyal.

What can we look forward to in the next books of this trilogy?

Jenny: Book one puts down the foundation of all of the players in the story. Book two builds up that fire—it gets burning with romance, more vengeance and hearts get broken. In book three, all hell is going to break loose. We are just getting started—come along on the journey!

About the Book:

Burn for Burn screams revenge! Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian take us on three different journeys that eventually intertwine. With a point of view writing style, the reader is drawn to each character for different reasons. Lillia is very privileged and the school’s Queen Bee. Kat has been the centre of jokes and teasing since middle school. Mary came back to Jar Island, hoping to get noticed by the one who broke her heart. We go back and forth between the three and soon enough, they are working together to get what they want—sweet, sweet revenge. They soon learn, however, that with every act of vengeance, you have to deal with the consequences.


If you like… the TV series Pretty Little Liars, mixed with Ann Barashe’s point of view writing style in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, then be sure to pick up Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian’s Burn for Burn (and the rest of the trilogy to follow).

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