Biggest Canadian Jackpot Winners in History

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Canada can be named one of the countries with the luckiest online casino winners. You can frequently find articles about players from Canada who won jackpots in online casinos and cashed out mind-blowing amounts of money simply by spinning the reels on video slots or playing some of the popular table games. There is no longer the need to pay top dollar to have access to the best online casino games. You can sign up with as little as CA$1 and also get a bonus out of it. Here is a list of all the $1 deposit bonus casinos in Canada.

Let’s look at several Canadian winners that managed to monetize their casino knowledge and skills.


1.  Blackjack Winner

Before we dive into the world of jackpots and popular video slots, let’s remember Scott Taylor, a guy that managed to win around C$200,000 thanks to a progressive round of the Blackjack. Taylor hit four Aces in a row that got him the prize and made him one of the luckiest Canadian casino players in history.

Even though he’s won quite a significant amount, Taylor mentioned that he will keep coming back to play more games in the casino since that particular win served as an inspiration for future gaming endeavours.

2.  Mega Fortune Winner

In 2011, we witnessed a cashout of C$17 million when one player that couldn’t sleep decided to spin the reels of the renowned Mega Fortune progressive slot by NetEnt. The event went directly to the Guinness Book of Records, while the player probably went straight to the Bahamas or some other place that looks like heaven on Earth.

3, Mega Moolah Winners

Mega Moolah is a progressive slot game well-known for hefty jackpots. In 2015, one Canadian player was lucky enough to cash out C$7.5 million by playing this all-time favourite slot game on his smartphone. Only a year later, in 2016, a Canadian player, Marcus Goodwin, hit a jackpot of C$11.6 million which is still among the biggest jackpot payouts on Mega Moolah.

4. Michael Jackson Video Slot Winner

While it is a popular belief that men win more by playing casino games than women, Kathryn from Canada proved everyone wrong. Not knowing a lot about slot machines, she turned to the one that seemed the most interesting to her at the moment — a Michael Jackson themed video slots game.

This musical themed video slot caught her attention primarily because she happened to be a fan of Michael Jackson and his work. This was a good strategy as it brought Kathryn the amount of money she was dreaming about — C$1.8 million. Even though this is not the greatest jackpot ever, the interesting thing is that this Canadian lady only put $60 in the machine and hit big upon her final spin.


Luck or Skill?

We all know that casino games are known as games of chance, meaning that your chances to affect the outcome of a game are reduced to the minimum unless we’re talking about poker or similar games.

Therefore, we can say that these people are among the luckiest ones in Canada as they’ve cashed out quite significant amounts of money without wasting a lot of their savings. When it comes to casinos, they will always proudly share the news about a certain individual who got the enticing prize of several million. In this way, a casino is trying to convince you that it is possible to get rich by doing almost nothing for it.

And indeed, it is possible, but you should always be responsible when taking part in online casino games. Know the rules of the game and set a budget for your online gaming adventure. Sometimes you might not hit big for a while, but you’ll perhaps get lucky to cash out several smaller amounts in a row.

Finally, do not forget that the primary reason why these games exist is to provide fun and excitement, while everything else you can get along the way is just an additional reward.

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