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A Bike Safety Guide For Every Cyclist

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As per the growing population rate of the motor vehicles any road can be a dangerous place for bicyclists! Be sure to follow all laws and safety guidelines. Bike usage is on the rise. But as more and more people across the globe are turning to cycle as their primary mode of transportation, the potential for severe accidents also rises.As cycle share the road with more and more motorist, it’s more important than ever to be respectful and aware of everyone on the road. For cyclists, there are certain must follow safety practices to follow that every cyclist should follow to avoid any accidents.Go through the Infographic below for important safety tips and safe rides:

If you follow some simple road safety advice the roads don’t have to be a dangerous place for cyclists:

I have heard many people saying that they have put off cycling because it’s very hard to even thing cycling in the hectic traffic, but many cyclists use busy roads every day without any problems. That’s because they cycle safely and make sure drivers know about their position. Once you know the basics of cycling, you will enjoy using a bike for the everyday commute. Follow this cycling safety infographic and this will help you to be aware of what situations can cause the issue and how to prevent them.

Some tips for cycling on roads:

#1. Cycling safely

Follow the Highway rule – don’t jump traffic lights and avoid to cycle on the pavement unless it’s a designated path for the cycle.When the weather is wet also keep a control over your speed as surfaces may be slippery and it will take longer than usual to stop.Ride positively & decisively and always wear a helmet. Always ride a roadworthy cycle.

#2. Make sure you are visible to the motorists on the road:

Riding in a position where you can see and be seen is the key to safe cycling.Use lights and wear reflective clothing, especially in towns, at night and in bad weather. Always try to signal clearly at all times without fail and use your bell wisely.

#3. Stay Alert and beware of vehicles

Most of the accidents occur when a cyclist is on the inside of a vehicle which is turning left. Never assume the vehicle is going straight ahead just because it isn’t signaling left. Always avoid ‘undertaking’ any vehicle in such a situation – it’s better to wait until the vehicle has passed off. As assumption can lead to death!

Never cycle along the inside of large vehicles, such as lorries and buses, especially at junctions, where most accidents occur.So, if you follow all the tips and thoroughly go through the infographics in the post, you’ll enjoy cycling at it best without worrying about any tragedy. Every cyclist should follow these and do safe cycle ride. As it’s better to be late than never. A cycling safety infographic helps you to know about safety rules and will help you to remember them for a long time without fail.

Don’t quit and always remember what Hugh Pearman once said: “Truly, the bicycle is the most influential piece of product design ever.”

Safe Cycling Tips & Facts

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